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Video: Old School vs New School

Video: Old School vs New School

Video: Old School vs New School

Who will save us if classic videogames sprang to life and started invading the city? If we’re going to go by Freddie Wong’s newest video, Old School vs. New School, our saviors will be modern videogame protagonists. Or at least, they will try to be our saviors. The video actually showed the old school characters winning by a large margin.

The video starts out with Master Chief from the Halo games seeing the some kind of portal open in the sky (reminds you of the portal used by the Chitauri in Avengers), followed by a swarm of characters from old school video games pouring down in all their pixelated glory. So Master Chief decides to call some of his friends as backup: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Drake from Uncharted, Altair from Assassin’s Creed, the Scout from Team Fortress 2, and Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil.

– Altair did a bunch of ridiculously useless flips and parkour-ed his way down the street, only to be unceremoniously blasted by a tank from Battle City
– The Scout tried to ambush another tank, only to be intercepted and defeated by one of the paddles from Pong.
– Drake and Leon Kennedy tried to shoot down an asteroid, but ended up being hit as the asteroids just multiply after getting hit
– Finally, Lara Croft decided to pilot one of the pixelated ships, turns out she wasn’t really good at it, crash-landing in front of an exasperated Master Chief who can’t do anything but facepalm.

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