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Where’s Wally (aka Where’s Waldo) all set for a Classic Media comeback

'Where's Wally?' All Set for a Comeback

It’s been asked since 1991, when its cartoon adaptation first aired, but we may finally have the answer to “Where’s Wally?” and the answer is: all over the world, now that Classic Media has licensed the property in Australia, Japan, and Western Europe. This is in addition to the recent agreements across the United Kingdom. Where’s Wally?, which is published in Canada and the US as Where’s Waldo?, follows the adventures of Wally and his pet dog Woof as they travel all over the world, helping solve mysteries and lending a helping hand wherever they could. With the help of a magic walking stick, Wally can travel through space and time, but must also fend off attempts by the evil Wally look-alike named Odlaw (Waldo spelled backwards, see what they did there?) to steal the magic stick.

Each show is punctuated by two instances of “Wally’s Minutes”, which stays true to the books premise in which the screen is frozen for a full minute, so that the viewers at home can try to find Wally.

The licensing for Where’s Wally is currently aimed towards merchandise than TV show rights, but we all know where this is leading to – no company in their right mind would make a business out of selling merchandise without a strong TV show or movie to back them up.

And, of course, this matches perfectly with the recent fanimation project: Where’s Wall-E

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