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Walt Disney Animation Studios Lays Off Most of Hand Drawn Team

Walt Disney Animation Studios Lays Off Most of Hand Drawn Team

It seems that Walt Disney Animation Studios was really serious when they announced that there will be no more hand drawn animated features, as nine animators from the hand drawn team were let go a few days ago. What makes this news even more sad is that the people let go were some of the most veteran animators on the team.

Following that little bit of news about LucasArts being closed, it seems like the House of Mouse is currently undergoing a little bit of a restructuring. With the Animation Guild reporting that there may be more layoffs in the coming days, coupled with Dreamworks’ prior layoffs and the numerous bankruptcies with VFX studios this year, it’s starting to look like the animation industry in the west is not the best market to be employed in right now, and we hope the people affected will be able to bounce back and find new employment opportunities swiftly.

Neil Raymundo

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  1. Tim Tim

    This is sad to see. Sure, things change and whatnot, but 2D animation isn’t dead. Well, not yet. I know companies aren’t putting out 2D animated films anymore, opting to release 3D animated films instead, but it comes down to story. The Princess and the Frog wasn’t terrible, but it lacked the universal appeal that made previous 2D fare amazing hits and memorable films. If Disney, or other companies for that matter, put effort into their 2D animated features they could make more Aladdin’s, Little Mermaids, Lion Kings, etc.. People still love cartoons, even 2D ones. Personally, I still enjoy animation in its many forms, and 2D animation is one of my favorites, and sadly, there seems to be less and less of it as 3D becomes more favored.

  2. Neil Raymundo Neil Raymundo

    I think the main reasons for gravitating towards CG is cost-savings and faster delivery. The former doesn’t sound convincing, though, if you read the news about the kind of bonuses studio heads are receiving while they are laying off employees.

  3. they should all get together and start their own drawing studio and publish their cartoons. their drawing skill and story telling is far superior to the digital nonsense being shoveled out with a cookie cutter.

    • I agree there will be many animators from Lucasfilm and Disney that could start their own studio. Look for more independent studios to crop up and watch crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter to see if any projects are trying to get funded.

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