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Warner Bros. To Acquire Machinima

Warner Bros. has recently inked an acquisition deal for the global programming service Machinima, which is known for being focused on popular and gamer culture. The acquisition will see Machinima become part of the recently launched Warner Bros. Digital Networks.

Machinima has spent the last two years transitioning from being a Youtube MCN to a global programming service and production company with an audience that numbers in the millions. The network has gone through numerous expansions and partnerships with platforms, such as Playstation Vue, Amazon Prime, Verizon’s go90, China’s Sohu, and TheCW. Comscore rates Machinima as the 10th largest digital video entertainment media company in the US based on total unique viewers.

“Machinima is a strong gamer and fandom content and social brand with enormous reach and high engagement with audiences that play our games and are big fans of DC films and television shows,” said Craig Hunegs, President, Business and Strategy, Warner Bros. Television Group and President, Warner Bros. Digital Networks, in making the announcement. “Machinima also produces great, high quality content for their community, and together we can create an even more compelling experience and do some really exciting things involving our key franchises. This acquisition is another meaningful move forward as Warner Bros. develops more direct relationships with our consumers.”

“Since making their first investment in Machinima in 2014, Warner Bros. has been an active business partner in our transformation, so we already have proof points as to how the companies can work together to accelerate Machinima’s growth plans,” said Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein. “We’ll now be able to take full advantage of Warner Bros.’ intellectual property, sales and distribution, while still creating content for social and premium digital platforms that gamers and geeks love. Plus, we’ll be fully embedded and can help Warner Bros. continue their incredible digital marketing successes. It’s honestly a win-win.”

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