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Warner Bros. Greenlights Lego CG movie

Warner Bros. Greenlights Lego CG movie

As one of the most popular franchises in the world, Lego has appeared in almost all forms of merchandise and media, particularly the big three – toys, videogames, and TV shows. But recently, Warner Bros has given the go signal for Lego to break through yet another popular medium: Movies. As reported by Variety, the popular Danish construction toy will get its own CG-animated / live action hybrid film co-directed by Chris McKay (Robot Chicken), Phil Lord, and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs). Visuals will be provided by Animal Logic, of Happy Feet and Legends of the Guardians fame.

According to the Variety report, the film producers made several personal visits to Denmark in order to coordinate with the toy manufacturers and ensure that the movie will do the toyline justice. There are no details yet regarding the plot, but rumors have it that the story will be an action adventure set in the Lego world. Casting will be done on January, and the scheduled release date is 2014.

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