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Warner Bros. Pushes for More Animated Feature Production in 2013

Warner Bros. Pushes for More Animated Feature Production in 2013

According to, Warner Bros. Studios is currently trying to make a big push for the production of more animated features at the studio, so that they can compete with other animation giants like Disney, Fox, Sony, and Universal. The report states that the studio has started a “feature creative consortium” to produce a minimum of one animated feature per year.

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, Nicholas Stoller, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, as well as Jared Stern helm the program. The directors are not exclusive to the studio, and will be developing animated projects along with the live action films they direct. Stoller’s project is Storks, which will be directed by Doug Sweetland and slated for a 2015 release. Requa and Ficarra will produce Smallfoot, from an original idea by Despicable Me‘s Sergio Pablos, who’ll direct for 2016 release. Warner’s first big studio picture is LEGO: The Piece of Resistance, which is slated for a February 7, 2014 release.

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