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Warner Bros. Struggles to Recruit NBA Stars to Join Lebron James’ Space Jam Sequel

Warner Bros.’s sequel to the live action/animation hybrid sports comedy film Space Jam already secured Lebron James as one of its live action stars. But it looks like WB is struggling to find other NBA superstars to join the roster. And the reason is: shoe endorsements.

It’s not as shallow as you may think. Each of the NBA stars that WB courted have their own shoe endorsement deals. But Space Jam is pretty closely tied to Nike. Even if stars like Stephen Curry and James Harden are interested, their exclusive endorsement contracts with Under Armour and Adidas (respectively) will definitely complicate things.

The shoe deals are not the only things preventing other NBA superstars from joining the Toon Squad. Some of them are just plain busy with other hollywood projects – Kevin Durant, for instance, is busy with a TV series of his own for Apple.


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