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Warner Bros. Unleashes VIXEN: The Movie This May

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is getting ready to make the Summer even hotter as they get ready to release the feature-length animated adventure VIXEN: The Movie on Digital HD/Blu-Ray and DVD on May 8 and May 23, respectively.

VIXEN: The Movie combines the first two seasons of the hit CW Seed digital series into a single full length movie, while adding over 15 minutes of new content. As expected of a home video release from WBHE, there’s a ton of on-disc bonuses that include the Vixen: Spirit Animal featurette and two Vixen episodes of Justice League Unlimited, which are both hand picked by Bruce Timm himself.

For the uninitiated, VIXEN focuses on a young woman from Africa named Mari McCabe, who was orphaned at a young age after her parents were killed by the local forces of greed and corruption. Instead of falling into despair, Mari uses her family’s generations-old Tantu Totem in order to access the powers of animals. Armed with the strength of a gorilla, the speed of a cheetah, and other useful animal abilities, Mari protects the world from threats as the hero Vixen.

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