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Watch Athena’s Stop Motion Short, Peanut Butter


Athena Studios has recently produced and released a brand new stop motion animated short film titled “Peanut Butter.” The project started when Athena studios CEO and founder Jon V. Peters challenged his in-house production team to create a stop motion animated film, primarily because he himself has an extensive background as a professional model-maker.

“I have always loved stop-motion films,” Peters commented. “While playful and fun, like CG animations, these films offer a certain grounding — a basis in reality that I enjoy. This piece was a proof-of-concept for us, as we are presently considering a much larger stop-motion project, and are beefing up our plans to attract new commercial work. We really just needed a good story to move forward.”

Jeanette Vera, Athena Studios’ Visual Effects Artist, whose past works include notable franchises such as Captain America and The Avengers, helped sculpt, cast, and animate the puppets featured in Peanut Butter. Athena’s lead editor Jorge Martinez helped animate the film, and operated the Dragonframe image capture software. You can watch the video below:

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