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Watch a New Animated Betty Boop Short Feat. Designer Zac Posen

A few decades have passed since the last time Max Fleischer’s iconic cartoon starlet Betty Boop took part in an animated project, and this time she’s returning in style: a new Betty Boop Cartoon titled “Betty Goes A-Posen” has debuted, marking the first in a trilogy of shorts designed to promote a new dress collection from renowned fashion designer Zac Posen.

Betty Goes A-Posen features a cartoon version of Posen (voiced by the designer), who goes on an adventure with Betty throughout New York City, which ultimately led to an animated unveiling of Betty Boop’s new signature “Betty Boop Red” look. You can watch the short below:

The short itself was conceptualized by King Features’ VP of Creative, Frank Caruso, with input from Posen. Animation was done by NYC’s Titmouse Inc. Animation Studios. Titmouse Inc decided to emulate the original Fleischer Studios cartoons while using a more contemporary soundtrack courtesy of Nylon Studios.

The Betty Boop project was also supported by the teams at Pantone Color Institute, which worked closely with King Features and Fleischer Studios in order to determine the right shade for the Betty Boop character, ultimately leading to the dramatic, vibrant “Betty Boop Red.”

The dresses on showcase in the video were also showcased in the most recent issue of Marie Claire, featuring supermodel Crystal Renn. The collection is now available through and will retail for $250 for the dress and $550 for the gown.

“As a cartoonist, I consider Betty Boop the 8th Wonder of the World,” said King Features’ Caruso. “When Max Fleischer dipped his pen into the inkwell, out came a masterpiece that would influence generations of artists, animators, musicians and fashion designers. The marathon that is Betty Boop has outrun her legend as animation icon and taken the lead in the world of fashion, style and our hearts.”

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