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Watch Space Heroes Universe’s First Episode: Villainy Has a New Name

Space Heroes Universe - Kids Cartoons 2013

A little over a year ago, we posted news about Australian developer Bubble Gum Interactive’s plans to produce a series of cartoon shorts based on the kid-friendly Little Space Heroes virtual universe. It turns out that they have recently finished the first cartoon episode and have decided to release it free to stream or download.

The first episode is titled “Villainy Has a New Name,” and it aims to introduce viewers to the main characters Ace, Kira, Professor Q, and the dastardly Lord Shadowbot. Clocking in at 7 mins, the cartoon mixes old early 90s Saturday morning cartoon sensibilities (right down to the rocking opening theme!) with a sleek, polished modern animation style. You can watch it below:

For more details, you can check out Space Heroes Universe via the following:

Official Site:
iPhone/iPad App:
Android App:
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