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WATCH: StratoStorm’s Monsters Got Talent

StratoStorm has recently released their very first in-house 3D animated short film, titled Monsters Got Talent, on the Internet. Directed by Mario Pece and produced by Helena Hilario, the short is exactly what the title implies – a humorous take on the voguish phenomenon of talent search reality shows, featuring monsters as the contestants.

“We produced the project between all the other work in the studio, it was hard to fit it in the schedule but everyone was super committed to do a fun and nice looking project and the team was very excited with the creative process,” said Pece. “It also allowed us to develop our pipeline and tools for animation and also to use different software to get the final look. We have so many ideas and already started working our next short film.”

“It was an awesome team work, we designed and wrote the short ourselves and it allowed us to have a creative input and control on the final result,” added Hilario. “We hope people have fun watching it, as much as we had while we were working on it. We also see a business opportunity to showcase our skills and potentially attract more animation work for the studio too.”

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