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Weird Al Yankovic Guest Stars on The Aquabats Supershow

Weird Al Yankovic Guest Stars on The Aquabats Supershow

Fans of Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic should tune in to The Hub this Saturday, June 16, and watch the episode of The Aquabats Supershow titled “Showtime!” as the great singer/songwriter/satirist makes an appearance on the hit action-musical comedy show.

In “Showtime!”, The Aquabats try to save the earth from an ongoing evil invasion but find themselves reduced to bit players as they are outshined by the superheroic efforts of Super Magic Power Man and Lanolin Lady.

The Aquabats Super show was created by Scott Schultz, Christian Jacobs, and Jason deVilliers, and uses a mix of 2D animation and live-action in order to bring to life the adventures and misadventures of the amateur musical superhero team called The Aquabats, as they defend the world from a wide variety of evil monsters and equally evil supervillains.

The Aquabats Supershow closely follow the campy aesthetics of the 1960s Batman series, and features a few nods to other popular shows, such as the band’s primary means of transportation called the “Battletram”, which may be small but is actually “bigger on the inside,” able to house a science lab, a command center, and even a living quarters.

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