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Wild Kratts 5th Season Production Underway

9 Story Media Group and the Kratt Brothers Company have recently started production on the fifth season of the animated action-edutainment series Wild Kratts, which is airing in the US via PBS KIDS and TVO, and via Knowledge Network in Canada.The fifth season is slated for a 2017 release and will consist of 20 new episodes. The new season will bring the total episode count of the series to 138.

For the uninitiated, Wild Kratts is an animated series developed and created by brothers and zoologists Martin and Chris Kratt. The show follows animated versions of the brothers as they encounter and get to know various animals while going on adventures.

Aside from the fifth season, 9 Story Media has also secured a bunch of new deals for Wild Kratts. Various seasons of the show have been acquired by RTBF (Belgium), VRT (Belgium), E Junior (UAE and Israel), Noga(Israel), RTE (Ireland), SIC (Portugal) and TVC (Spain).

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