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World of Final Fantasy Makes its Way to Steam

Japanese devs continue to discover just how lucrative the PC market is. This time around, Square Enix (which, to give credit where it is due, is one of the pioneers of bringing contemporary console JRPGs to the PC platform) is bringing the chibi-fied heroes of the Final Fantasy franchise to the PC via World of Final Fantasy. Slated for a November 21 release, the game will come with a Day One Edition that provides a number of extras. The Day One Edition gives users the digital copy of the game along with a digital soundtrack sampler, and a Final Fantasy wallpaper.

As for the game itself, people have described World of Final Fantasy as basically Pokemon if, instead of cute little monsters, you employ cute chibi versions of your favorite Final Fantasy characters. Also, each of these characters have deep, Final Fantasy X-like sphere grid leveling systems. And without going into spoiler territory – don’t let the chibi characters fool you into thinking that this is a kiddie game. There’s a lot of lighthearted humor, but towards the end things get pretty dark. Like, the don’t-let-your-kids-play-it dark.

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World of Final Fantasy Makes its Way to Steam

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