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New Wreck-It Ralph Vintage Commercials

New Wreck-It Ralph Vintage Commercials

Disney/Pixar has just released a bunch of mock commercials in order to promote their upcoming retro videogame themed CG feature Wreck-It Ralph, with the commercials designed to look like authentic adverts for the videogames in the movie.

The first is for Fix-It Felix, the Rampage and Wrecking Crew-inspired arcade game from which the movie’s eponymous villain-who-wants-to-be-a-protagonist came from. The video is designed to emulate the style of adverts during the 80s, and actually has the same degraded quality you’d expect from a TV spot that is 3 decades old.

The second mock commercial is the karting game Sugar Rush Speedway:

The third mock advert is the Metroid and Halo-inspired Hero’s Duty:

In the movie, Wreck-It Ralph has decided he’s had enough of being the bad guy, and in an effort to experience what it’s like being the hero of the game, decided to jump from game to game. Unfortunately, doing so opens the games to the risk of being infected by viruses that could wreak havoc on the entire arcade.

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