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Yahoo to Launch Animated Queen Elizabeth Spoof

Yahoo to Launch Animated Queen Elizabeth Spoof

This coming November 15, Yahoo’s UK video comedy page will launch a new animated comedy series inspired by the parody royal twitter account @Queen_UK.While the identity of the account and show creator remains a secret, info about the new series has been made public. It is said that the show is titled ‘Yes Ma’am,’ and will be a six-part miniseries that follows the daily goings-on in the life of Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

New episodes of Yes Ma’am will go live on Yahoo UK’s video comedy page every Fridays at 5 pm London Time. The creators also plan on launching a Christmas special on December 25, coinciding with the Queen’s customary Christmas speech.

Dan Watt-Smith, head of video at Yahoo told The Hollywood Reporter, “Usually we see characters from TV shows beating a path to Twitter, but we’re trying an alternative approach, creating an online video series for the Queen’s dedicated followers and subjects. Each episode will not only give us a topical angle to promote, but will have long-term appeal, much like her Majesty.”

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