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YEP!TV to Launch New Programming that Targets Boys

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Starting tomorrow, new German media company YEP! TV will start broadcasting a new lineup of children’s and family programming on the free-TV channel ProSieben MAXX. The outlet will primarily target male viewers aged 6 to 13 years. The new channel will debut with the free-TV premiere of Captain America: the First Avenger on at 8.15pm.

It will also include a Yep! block, targeted at boys aged 6-13, following a deal with the German content provider. The block will consist of English-language premium titles and FTA premieres dubbed in German. MAXX’s kids series will include manga titles Pokemon and One Piece.

YEP!TV’s CEO is Karola Bayr, who previously served as an executive for a string of high profile networks such as Disney Channel, Jetix, EM.TV, Viacom and ProSieben.

“Exactly a year ago, I was asked to come on board, after working mostly international for these companies. I wanted to go back to my roots, also in the German tv-industry,” says Bayr. “Within the German landscape of children’s television there are only three dedicated kids channels, KiKa, Super RTL and Nickelodeon. Comparing the size of our market, you will find more kids channels in smaller countries like UK, France, Italy and Spain than in Germany.”

Bayr also pointed out that kids’ channels in Germany tend to focus more on girls or both genders, which makes YEP!’s boy-targeted programs unique:

“We’ve found potential within the male target group, a few years ago the target group for pay TV channel Jetix. We have always said: if you want to enter the market we need to have this clear positioning, also within the advertising market. Similar to Jetix we are considering the launch of a YEP! magazine.”

Via: Animation Magazine

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