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Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble shuts down

Fans of Yo-Kai Watch received another blow today as publisher Level-5 confirmed their Wibble Wobble mobile game will end service on May 31st outside of Japan. The iOS/Android game launched in North America in March 2016, with Europe following March 2017. Developed by Japanese studio NHN PlayArt, the game will continue to operate in its native country, having launched there back in October 2015.

With the game shutting down in the western world, Level-5 has disabled all in-app purchases. The company is encouraging fans to use the Crank-a-kai monster summoning feature and to develop their skills prior to the total shutdown in May.

Yo-Kai Watch has seen a tough couple of months. Once a juggernaut, Level-5 has taken opted to a more sinister style with its Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside spinoff (pictured above). The anime for that series premieres in Japan this month after a theatrical feature opened in theatres last December. In the English speaking world, Jibanyan and friends just never really caught on the way companies hoped they would. It was recently confirmed that the English dub cast had been replaced as a result of budget cuts. The availability of new merchandise has also taken a severe hit in English speaking markets.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The official Yo-Kai Watch Twitter account teased alongside Wibble Wobble’s closure, that a new adventure was brewing.

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