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Yo-Kai Watch’s Answer to Pokemon GO: Yo-Kai Watch World

Pokemon GO has long held the top spot when it comes to ARG games, but now there’s a new challenger, unsurprisingly coming from a franchise that is – like many of its contemporaries – most likely inspired by Pokemon: Yo-Kai Watch.

Titled Yo-Kai Watch World, the new ARG is developed by GungHo for the iOS and Android platforms in Japan. Much like Pokemon GO, Yo-Kai Watch World is powered by Google Maps and uses your smartphone to let you walk around while capturing Jibanyan, Komasan, and other familiar characters from the Yo-Kai Watch franchise. The game features simplified battles that make it easier even for new fans to defeat and befriend their own Yo-Kais. You can also attract more spirits by planting Yo-Kai trees, and then there’s also Advent Boss fights.

You can check out the promo below to see the game in action:

yo-kai watch world

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