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Zero One, Animasia Collaborate for Chuck Chicken The Movie

Animasia Studio (Malaysia) has signed an agreement with Zero One Animation (China) to team up on Chuck Chicken The Movie, a CG animated feature that is based on a successful television series. The agreement will further boost the creative industry relationship between Malaysia and China, since animation production services are part of the biggest contributors to export revenues in the creative industry in Malaysia, which topped 140 million USD in 2014. The announcement was made on Monday, at Filmart in Hong Kong.

The action-comedy feature is aimed at family audiences and focuses on Chuck and his friends Wing and Flick, who manage Golden Egg Securities on Rocky Perch. The story follows Chuck as his desire to be wealthy changes the business philosophy of Golden Egg Securities.

The movie is budgeted at 8 million USD and set for release in early 2017. Executive producers Raye Lee, Edmund Chan and Helen Dong of Filmart announce that they will move fast to gather talent from Malaysia, North America and China for the production while raising funds and acquiring potential investments in the coming months.
The script and story are a partnership between Helen Chen Xi, Helen Dong and Wong Kuan Loong. Pre-production will start in June, with animation to start late this year.


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