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Zodiak’s Zack & Quack Picked Up by Kaboom! Entertainment

Kaboom! Entertainment has recently announced that they have acquired the home entertainment rights to Zodiak Kids’ new animated preschool series Zack & Quack. The series will consist of 52 x 11’ episodes and is expected to debut on Nick Jr.channels globally in 2014.

Zack & Quack is a CG animated series that focuses on a young adventurous boy named Zack and an impulsive duck named Quack. The series takes place inside a pop-up book, where adventures play out in colorful detail.

Kaboom! Entertainment is also taking Zack & Quack to retail on DVD in Canada via its Treehouse Presents label, which is jointly created by Corus and Phase 4 Films. On US shores, Kaboom! Is currently holding the home entertainment rights to Zack & Quack.


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