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Zuko Monsters Game Released on Apple's App Store for FREE

Zuko Monsters Game Released on Apple’s App Store for FREE

Zuko Monsters Game Released on Apple's App Store for FREE

It’s been teased last year and scheduled to come out December 2012 – there’s been a delay, which is par for the course in the industry – but Zuko Monsters is finally available on the iTunes App Store, and it’s available for FREE. You can download the game to your device via the following link:

Technically, the fact that it’s free to play makes any review seem redundant, as the time you spend on reading could be better spent downloading the game and trying it out for yourself. But we suppose mentioning a few things is in order:

First, comparisons with the Pokemon franchise can’t be helped. But that’s not entirely a bad thing, as Pokemon became massively successful due to its quality – if Zuko Monsters managed to be as good, then all is well, and probably even better considering it’s free to play.

Second, it’s NOT exactly like Pokemon. Sure, the premise is the same (much like many of the kid-targeted adventure franchises to come out within the past decade): you catch and collect cute (or sometimes creepy) looking monsters, train them and then use them to fight against other monsters in arena battles, but the arena battle aspect is framed by a social hub where you can meet friends, socialize, exchange stuff, and challenge each other over the net. Think of it as that Pokemon MMO everybody’s wanted for a long time.

As for the game itself, the graphics doesn’t take advantage of the newer iPad’s beefy 3D capabilities, but the game itself looks good (and probably better) in 2D. What’s even better is that being in 2D means it will run as smooth as butter even if you have one of those underpowered iOS devices from the past. And it also makes an Android port possible, if the devs find it worth the effort to port.

The sound is exactly what you’d expect from a commercial game dev, the trailer even includes a blockbuster movie-like score. Additionally, Zuko Monsters is NOT your run of the mill free for a day app that was just a simple minigame coded in an entire afternoon. The fact that it has seen delays means time and effort went into developing the game. There’s even a decent backstory as to why you’re trying to beat the crap out of each other’s pet monsters:

Highlights of Zuko Monsters:

– An amazing world to be explored and a lot of mysteries to be unlocked
– 30 stunningly designed unique monsters to be captured and evolved
– Exciting monster battles where every move matters
– LIVE challenges in the Battle Arena
– Amazing graphics and fantastic gameplay
– Available for FREE on iPhone & iPad in English, French and German

For more info, media galleries, and links to the download, you can visit the official site at

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