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Netflix Gets Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse in Spring of 2016

Netflix has added five new original and exclusive shows to its growing kids programming portfolio, including new series featuring Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse. Inspector Gadget, a new 26-episode CGI-animated series, will premiere on Netflix in the U.S. next month; the show is running on television in Latin America and European countries.  Inspector Gadget, joined by his niece, Penny, and ...

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Nick Magazine Makes Its Return, and Papercutz makes it Happen…

Papercutz has announced a partnership with Nickelodeon that will give the children’s graphic novel publisher first option to adapt all new Nickelodeon original properties into comics and graphic novels. Papercutz will also begin publishing a new Nickelodeon Magazine. Papercutz will work with the network at the earliest stages of property development, enabling adaptations for shows to enter the ...


New First Look Trailer for Frozen Fever Short

Disney has just released a new first look trailer for the upcoming short Frozen Fever, which promises to bring back the lively gang from the CG animated hit Frozen. According to the official description, the short will follow Elsa and Kristoff as they discreetly try to plan the best birthday party celebration (ever) for Anna, but when Elsa catches a cold, her powers go awry and threaten to put ...


VIDEO: Dragon Ball Z – Light of Hope Pilot

It’s a good time to be a Dragon Ball Z fan. First, we got the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse (which is coming out on Steam as well), then we got word of a new Butouden game for the 3DS. Now, we can finally watch the pilot episode for Robot Underdog’s fan adaptation of the history of Trunks TV special, titled Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. We’re not going to bother harping on about how much ...


First Screenshots for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butouden

A few days ago, the first news regarding a new 2D Dragon ball fighting game for the Nintendo 3DS were published all over the net. Titled Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butouden, the game is notable because it’s being developed by Arc System Works, which is known as the company behind the highly competitive 2D fighting franchises Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. Assuming that they’re going to apply the same ...


Planeta Junior to Launch Animated Series Based on Mutant Busters Toys

Planeta Junior and Spanish toy company Famosa have recently joined forces in order to launch a brand new animated series based on the Mutant Busters toy line, which originally debuted to strong reception last 2013. Targeted towards kids aged 6 to 8, the Mutant Busters toy line also supplements its physical toys with a digital strategy that includes a real game, an app, and an augmented reality ...


Talking Tom and Friends to Launch on Youtube Kids App

Outfit7’s popular Talking Tom and Friends franchise will be launching its all-new animated series on Google’s new Youtube Kids App. Scheduled for an April 2015 launch, Talking Tom and Friends will follow the hilarious adventures and hijinks of the popular talking animals as they try to produce their own reality TV show. ...


If You Have a Crunchyroll Subscription – You need to ask yourself some questions.

(Note: This essay does not represent the views of Toon Barn) I think that its time for us who love animation and want to see it live on, need to ask fans – erstwhile users, and the disaffected lovers of the anime genre to come to terms with the truth that is staring right in your faces. Crunchyroll, Like Most of The Bay Area protectorate of streaming sites and services are no better than ...


Technicolor Acquires France’s Ouido Productions

Technicolor has recently announced their acquisition of the French indie animation outfit OuiDo Productions. The new acquisition will help boost Technicolor’s already impressive technology and production strengths, particularly with regard to licensing and development expertise and help cement the company’s reputation as one of the leading animation production partners in the world. ...

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Fan parody: J.K. Simmons Receives an Oscar

One of the more noteworthy parts of the recent Academy Awards was ‘Whiplash’ actor J.K. Simmons’ acceptance speech, in which he urged viewers to call their parents, after thanking his wife Michelle Schumacher and their three kids. “If you’re lucky enough to have a parent or two alive, call them! Don’t text, don’t e-mail,” said Simmons. “Call them. Listen to them for as long as ...


New Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game Coming Out for the 3DS: Extreme Butouden

This one surprisingly got past my dragonball radar(har!), but it’s been announced a few days ago that the Nintendo 3DS will be getting a new 2D Dragonball Z fighting game, dubbed “Dragon Ball Z: Super Extreme Butouden.” Readers who are as old as me will be slightly familiar with the name because it seems to be a continuation of the Super Butouden franchise that began on the Super Famicom ...


Laurel and Hardy – Animated series coming from Gaumont

The first one since the 1966 (im not sure if it aired on ABC or CBS) Hanna Barbera series. Larry Harmon Pictures returns to work on this new series. It will be  78 shorts, 7 minute run time (thats comes around to between a 17 to 22 episode run). Gaumont Animation, one of Europe’s leading producers and distributors of children’s entertainment, has secured the worldwide exclusive option to the ... now has 672 pages of news and games!12345Last Page »