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New Astro Boy series enters production

Production has begun on an all-new Astro Boy animated series. Unlike the prior shows, Osamu Tezuka’s lovable robot isn’t being handled by Japanese animators. French companies Planet Nemo Animation and Something Big are partnering up with Tezuka Productions for Little Astro Boy, a new series aimed at preschool audiences that’ll have 52 eleven minute episodes. The eco-systems of ...


Netflix Will Still Carry Disney Content in LATAM, Spain

A few days ago, news came out that Disney will be launching their own SVOD service, and as a consequence, will be pulling their content out of Netflix. However, new reports have surfaced revealing that some regions, such as Latin America and Spain, will still be able to enjoy Disney content through Netflix, at least for the moment (this is most likely just the result of Netflix and Disney’s ...


NBCUNiversal’s SEESO Platform to Close Before the End of the Year

The past few years has seen a significant increase in the number of streaming video services, as companies saw how lucrative the market was and started coming up with their own services, wanting their own slice of the proverbial pie. However, this sudden increase in the number of entrants in the market has the unfortunate but unsurprising side effect of making it harder for every one involved to ...


Pokemon GO’s MewTwo Legendary Takes Over Yokohama

Niantic has finally unleashed the legendary Pokemon MewTwo on the players of their hit ARG, Pokemon GO. However, the rare breed is currently only available via exclusive invite-only raids, and given that MewTwo is a very rare (and powerful!) breed, the hunt is not going to be easy at all. Fortunately for many trainers, perseverance, some teamwork, and the willingness to brave long lines at the ...


PS4 and 3DS Ports of Dragon Quest III Dated

While Square Enix has already confirmed ports of Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo 3DS, only the first two games were given specific release dates, with both games already having seen release on the Japanese market last August 10 for ¥600 and ¥850, respectively. The ambiguity behind Dragon Quest III’s launch has recently been addressed, as ...


Sony Aims for Majority Stake in Funimation

Sony Pictures Television Networks has recently reached an agreement that will see them acquire a significant majority stake in anime distributor Funimation Productions, Ltd. Barring any problems with regulatory approvals and closing conditions, the company is estimated to be valued at $150 million. Funimation’s current CEO Gen Fukunaga will retain his position and will still have a minority ...


Empoleon Shows Off in Pokemon Tournament DX Clip

We are still a number of weeks away from the September 22 release of Pokken Tournament DX, so in hopes of making sure that fans keep the game in mind, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company continue to release clips from the cute, but adrenaline-pumping fighter. A few days ago, they unveiled a promo clip that shows off Darkrai. This time around, it is the water/ice-based Pokemon Empoleon showing off ...


TRAILER: Duck Duck Goose

A new family-friendly CG film, titled Duck Duck Goose, is currently making waves globally. Partly because it’s an independent project that unites Western experience with Eastern talent, but mostly because it’s a high quality, internationally appealing film that can stand on its own merits. Also, it boasts of a star studded voice cast that includes the likes of JIm Gaffigan, Zendaya, Lance ...


Sonic Mania Unveils Fully Animated Intro

While most Sonic the Hedgehog fans are already eagerly anticipating the release of Sonic Mania on August 15, SEGA and developers Headcannon and Pagoda West have gone the distance and unveiled yet another reason for us fans to fall even more in love with this new 2D installment in the Sonic franchise: a retro-inspired, fully animated opening sequence. You can check it out below: The animated ...


Zak Storm Debuts in Canada This Month

This coming August 21, at 4 PM ET, Family CHRGD viewers in Canada will get a taste of seafaring science fiction adventure via the debut of Zak Storm. The CG animated series will debut new episodes every day for one week, before settling down to a regular timeslot at 5 PM every Tuesdays as part of the Turbo CHRGD programming block. Zak Storm’s premise concerns the titular young surfer, who ...


GKIDS Acquires North American Distribution Rights for The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

GKIDS is known for being particularly keen on acquiring the distribution rights to quality foreign animated content, with an aim to distribute the content for the North American market. This reputation is reaffirmed with their acquisition of the NA distribution rights to “The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales,” a new feature from Ernest & Celestine co-director Benjamin Renner. Originally ...


WATCH: KFC’s New Animated Short – Big Chicken, Small Movie

KFC, which is primarily known for their food and not for entertainment content, has recently defied expectations by releasing a new animated short titled “Big Chicken Small Movie,” which is their way of paying tribute to GA’s beloved 56-foot steel fowl, Marietta. The short features a young boy who is a bit of an outcast, finding friendship in the giant steel chicken as they go on an ... now has 823 pages of news and games!12345Last Page »

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