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Teen Titans Go! – Special Two-Part Episode

Two new clips have been released for the upcoming two-part special episode of Teen Titans Go!, both of which will get released under the extremely descriptive title, “Two Parter.” The parts will be called Part One and Part Two, respectively. In Two Parter: Part One, the Titans visit the Hall of Justice for the sole purpose of playing on the League’s pool table, but their curiosity got the ...


Creator to End Gravity Falls

Despite being one of the most popular current shows on Disney XD, fans may need to say their goodbyes to the horror-themed comedy series Gravity Falls. The show isn’t being cancelled, but creator Alex Hirsch has decided to end the series. Hirsch announced the decision on his Tumblr account: There’s no easy way to say it so I’m just going to say it: Gravity Falls is coming to an end,” ...


Wabbit Interviews: Jeff Bergman, Bob Bergen, JP Karliak & Gary Hartle

Wabbit – A Looney Tunes Production stars Bugs Bunny in a variety of shorts reminiscent of the classic material that made Bugs Bunny a cartoon legend. Each episode is comprised of 5 1/2 minute shorts featuring Bugs Bunny in his most iconic form – the “everyman hero” who uses all his wit, cleverness and guile to outsmart his foes. The show also brings back some of Looney Tunes classic ...


Deer Little Forest Gets New Android and iOS Apps

Koko Rose Media and Playrific Inc. have recently announced the launch of a new multiplatform app campaign for Deer Little Forest, created by Boston-based preschool specialist Playrific Inc. The app makes use of over 18 colorful and educational content that includes match 3 games, puzzles, colouring pages, memory cards, drag and drop, maker games, and many more. The app also contains a full ...

Toon link 3ds

New Hyrule Warriors Legends Trailer Shows Off Toon Link

After the news that they’re bringing female Link, Linkle, to Hyrule Warrior’s portable iteration, Nintendo showed that they haven’t forgotten the other Link versions in the game, as the new trailer shows off Wind Waker’s Toon Link in action. You can watch Toon Link go all fantasy medieval on various monsters’ behinds in the trailer below: Hyrule Warriors Legends will be coming to the ...


Squeenix to Bring Lightning Returns and Dragon Quest Heroes to PC Next Month

Despite all the complaints (technical and business model-related, valid and invalid) Square Enix has received over their most recent PC releases, the publisher seems determined to continue re-releasing many of their previously console-exclusive titles to the PC platform, with their most recent announcement being plans for a PC release of the Musou-inspired action game Dragon Quest Heroes and the ...


DHX Signs New International Distribution Deals for Endangered Species

DHX Media has recently secured a raft of new international distribution deals with broadcast and VOD rights to their animated comedy series, Endangered Species. The 52 x 11 show was originally commissioned by Corus Entertainment’s Teletoon for Canada, but now it’s also going to make its way to the UK via CBBC, Latin America via Turner’s Cartoon Network and Boomerang, Ukraine via Gulli ...


CBBC Launching First Animated Series Pilot Initiative, ANIM8

CBBC, with help from BBC Worldwide, will be giving UK creators some much-needed boost when it launches its first ever animated series pilot initiative, dubbed ANIM8. Under the initiative, the network is encouraging UK creators to send character-driven animated comedy pitches their way. The chosen ones will be funded for development. ANIM8 is now open to pitches that target older kids with humor, ...


GKids Reveal US Trailer for Boy and the World

Indie animation distributor GKIDS has recently posted a new trailer for Brazilian artist Ale Abreu’s award-winning animated feature, Boy and the World. The feature is a described as a creative and stunning blend of quality animation and Brazilian samba music, featuring a cinematic experience that is both vibrant and colorful as it presents the world from the perspective of a young boy: The ...

long live the royals

New CN Original Miniseries Long Live the Royals Premieres This Month

This coming Monday, November 30, Cartoon Network will be debuting a new animated comedy series that shines a spotlight on a chaotic family full of bejeweled crowns, lofty titles, and thrones of the literal kind. Dubbed “Long Live the Royals,” the new series is the brainchild of Regular Show supervising producer Sean Szeles. The premiere will start at 7:45 pm ET/PT. Long Live The Royals ...


Adult Swim Greenlights Dream Corp LLC

Adult Swim has recently given the go-ahead to a new animated comedy series titled Dream Corp LLC. The series is from director Daniel Stessen and executive produced by John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant (The Office), along with Allyson Seeger. Dream Corp LLC centers around an experimental therapy facility that tries to help patients confront their issues in the waking life by creating a virtual ...


ZDF Enterprises to Bring Marcus Level to Spain, Lat Am

ZDF Enterprises has recently signed a new deal with TVE and Turner International over the broadcast rights for Mondo TV’s Marcus Level. The deal will see the 52 x 13 gain a foothold in the Spanish and Latin American regions via Clan TV and Boomerang, respectively. The broadcast will be supported by a multimedia campaign that includes an online game spanning four distinct worlds and 20 ... now has 720 pages of news and games!12345Last Page »

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