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JAKKS Gets Master Toy License for Gigantosaurus

Paris-based producer Cyber Group Studios recently signed a multi-year agreement with toy and consumer products company JAKKS Pacific for the animated preschool series, Gigantosaurus. The deal gives JAKKS rights to produce and market various merchandise inspired by the series, including preschool toys, playsets, outdoor furniture, costumes, and accessories. The first set of toys and books from ...

winx club

Netflix to Produce Winx Club Live Action Adaptation

According to a recent announcement, streaming service Netflix is getting ready to produce a live action adaptation of Rainbow Group’s popular animated franchise, Winx Club. The adaptation will allow fans of the Italian animated series to finally see the six fashionista fairies rendered onscreen as flesh and blood characters. The premise largely remains the same: the fairies are trying to hone ...

los casagrandes

Nick Announces The Loud House Spin-Off: Los Casagrandes

Nickelodeon recently announced a new project that is currently under development. This new project is notable because it is a spin-off to the critically-acclaimed, yet controversial animated comedy series The Loud House. Astute readers will remember that The Loud House was in the center of a scandal after the firing of its creator Chris Savino over sexual harassment allegations. Reruns of the ...


Amazon Greenlights Undone

Netflix is not the only one that’s shoring up a library of original content. Amazon recently approved their first original animated series, titled Undone. This new series is a half hour dramedy series from Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg, with help from Writer’s Guild award-winning Bojack writer Kate Purdy. The show’s story focuses on the protagonist Alma as discovers new ...

teen titans

Nicolas Cage Lends Voice to Superman in Teen Titans GO! Movie

The animated comedy series Teen Titans GO! is currently wrapping up its fourth season on Cartoon Network, but fans shouldn’t fret because instead of ending, the show is going to make a big jump to the big screens via the upcoming movie, Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. What makes the movie even more special is that announcement that actor (and self-confessed comic book geek) Nicolas Cage has been ...

dragon ball super anime

Toei Confirms that Dragon Ball Super Anime will Continue

Earlier this year, fans of the Dragon Ball Super anime were dealt a big blow when it was announced that the anime will be airing its final episode soon as Goku and Jiren finally wraps up their fight at the Tournament of Power. And as much as people want to finally see how the tournament will end, it’s still bittersweet that it will have to herald the end of the beloved series. Fortunately, Toei ...


Dragonball FighterZ Unveils Broly Trailer

Ever since Bandai Namco revealed the first two DLC characters for Dragonball FighterZ to be Bardock and Broly, fans have been clamoring for more details. While Bamco has kept mum about the release date, they did release a couple of extremely short, and soundless teaser clips for the two characters. As expected, it was not enough for fans. …and it will never be. Nothing short of an actual ...

donald trump

Showtime Orders More Episodes of Stephen Colbert’s Donald Trump Toon

It would seem that shows lampooning the current leader of the most powerful country on Earth is very popular, as Showtime has recently ordered seven more episodes of Our Cartoon President. The animated series is a creation of comedian Stephen Colbert, and will be airing the last of its initial 10-episode run on Sunday, April 8, at 8PM. The new episodes are expected to debut this Summer. Our ...


Toys R Us Is Closing It’s Doors. Its Cartoon Networks, Nickelodeons and Disney’s Fault.

Toys R Us – TRU for many of us older, was a staple of American kid culture. It was the toy store. For a long long time, any toy that was promoted on TV. was on the shelf in the store. It was where many Christmas dreams were made. And who could forget the commercials? But, it seems that Toys R Us could not survive the changing metrics of the world. The Store Announced it could close every ...


WATCH: Aardman Joins the Fight Against Malaria

Animation studio Aardman Animations has recently contributed their talents and resources to help in the fight against one of the world’s oldest and deadliest diseases – Malaria – by producing and releasing a new PSA. This PSA aims to teach people about the history of malaria and reminds people of the dangers of the disease, which is said to claim more than 445,000 lives a year. Hugh Laurie ...


Supernatural Crosses Over to Scooby Doo Universe

Inter-franchise crossovers are all the rage these days, so given the similar predilections towards the supernatural, it is not shocking (though a little bit surprising given their different target audience) that brothers Sam and Dean Winchester have finally made their way to the animated adventures of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. The crossover will happen in the March 29 episode of ...

inazuma eleven

TRAILER: Inazuma Eleven Ares

Fans of the hyper-kinetic soccer anime/game franchise Inazuma Eleven rejoice! Level-5 has just unveiled the official debut trailer for the latest iteration in the franchise, dubbed Inazuma Eleven Ares. The trailer debuted on the Inazuma Walker Vol. 10 livestream, but we have embedded a youtube version below, for your convenience: The upcoming soccer RPG is special this time around, as it is said ... now has 858 pages of news and games!12345Last Page »

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