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KidsClick Website Launches With Countdown Clock For The Return Of Network TV Cartoons

Cartoons are headed back to US morning network TV this July and we couldn’t be more excited! Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the company behind the ressurrection, is obviously pretty amped up too, because they’ve launched a countdown clock on the KidsClick website. Right now the page displays some of the shows coming to the block, as well as a timer ticking down the seconds until its ...


TeamTO to Start Free Animation School in France

TeamTO has recently announced plans to start a consolidated and free animation school in Bourg-lès-Valence, (Drôme), l’Écas, and they aim to keep the school targeted towards students who have no prior experience or training. The school will be admitting 25 students per year (with plans to expand to 50 in the future) via a 6 month course in 3D animation that will provide them with the ...


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Short to Screen Alongside Coco

As if we don’t have enough reasons to watch Pixar’s Coco when it’s released in November 22, Walt Disney Animation Studios is sweetening the pot as they prepare to screen the featurette Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in front of Coco. By way of a tease, a trailer for the short has been released online, and will also be screened ahead of Cars 3 when it debuts in theaters on June 16. You can watch ...


Cloud Fights Lightning in New Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Video

The names of Final Fantasy protagonists Cloud and Lightning (from Final Fantasy VII and XIII, respectively) were amusingly apt as they fight each other in the new promotional video for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which was presented at this week’s E3 by Square Enix. Of course, the two protagonists are not the only characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, so if you want to see some other content, ...


Dragon Rider Production Underway

German film and distribution outfit Constantin is reportedly starting production on a new animated adventure feature titled Dragon Rider, which is based on the bestselling novel by writer Cornelia Funke. Dragon Rider is being co-produced by Antwerp’s Cyborn 3D animation studio, with Martin Moszkowics and Oliver Berben serving as producers. Targeted towards kids and young adults, Dragon Rider ...


WATCH: Dragonball Fighter Z Trailer

A couple of days ago we posted something about Dragonball Fighter Z, the new Dragon Ball game developed by Guilty Gear’s Arc System Works. In the post, we assumed that the game will use the same gorgeous rendering style as the Guilty Gear XrD franchise – well what do you know, we were right and Bandai Namco’s trailer of the game pretty much confirms it. Watch the trailer below, and we ...


Take a Sneak Peek at the Shows Headed to KidsClick, the New Network TV Morning Cartoon Block

Have you heard the good news? Cartoons are coming back to weekend AND weekday mornings on US network television! KidsClick is a brand new block of programming that you’ll be able to watch on TV and online. We here at Toonbarn are pretty excited for its launch and managed to grab a list of shows you can expect to see: Max Steel Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Pac-Man and the ...


Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Showcased in Orchestra Trailer

The third whole-numbered installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has become sort of a holy grail at this point – Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2005, and since then Square Enix and Disney have stretched the franchise out a bit with a series of prequels, remasters, and spin-offs. But now we may finally be getting tangible visual previews out of the actual continuation of the story, as ...


New Arc System Works Dragon Ball Game Announced

In what seems to be the best game-and-dragon-ball-related news to come out this year, Bandai Namco has recently announced plans for a new Dragon Ball fighting game titled “Dragon Ball Fighters,” due in early 2018 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The most exciting part about this? It’s going to be a 2.5D fighter developed by Arc System Works, and there’s a possibility that it’s going ...


Disney Pixar Releases New Trailer for Cars 3

Disney-Pixar has just unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming third installment of the Cars franchise. The trailer clocks in at a mere 1 minute, but the CG animated franchise is so popular that it doesn’t really deserve much introduction or backstory. What the trailer provides is a glimpse into what Cars 3 is all about. It seems to be an apt representation of the Cars 3 franchise at this point: ...


New Ben 10 Toy Line to Be Launched at Toys R Us

Toys ‘R’ Us stores across the US, along with their online outlet, will be playing host to the launch of Playmates Toys’ new Ben 10 Toy Line, which aims to deliver yet another batch of inspired toys based on Cartoon Network and Man of Action’s hit animated action adventure series. The toy line consists of an assortment of action figures, playsets, vehicles, and role play items. The new Ben ...


Imira’s Larva Secures New Pay TV Deal with Disney XD

Madrid-based content producer Imira Entertainment has recently signed new Pay TV deal with Disney XD over four seasons of the animated comedy series “Larva.” The rights will cover all Latin American territories and will include Season 1 (104 x 2 min.), where the duo live in drainpipes; Season 2 (52 x 4), where they venture out of the gutter into an urban house; Season 3 (104 x 2) where they ... now has 810 pages of news and games!« First Page23456Last Page »

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