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Shocksquatch ready to get Ultimate

Heroes United introduces Shocksquatch to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

If you think the only exciting thing about the Ben 10-Generator Rex crossover is seeing the teenaged Ben Tennyson team up with (and fight) Rex Salazar, you should prepare to expand your list! Why? Because that awesome two-part crossover episode, Heroes United, also introduces a brand new Ben 10 alien form – the Shocksquatch! OK, so the name isn’t all that intimidating, and at first ...

V&S Entertainment and Vivid offer Everything's Rosie toy line

V&S Entertainment and Vivid offer Everything’s Rosie toy line

Now in their third season, the lovable cast of Everything’s Rosie continues to amaze with the imaginative adventures of Rosie, Raggles, and the rest of the crew. The CG animated toon is just as positive and bright in meaning as it is in animated style, offering a vibrant and fun look at every adventure. Distributed worldwide by V&S Entertainment, the toon now has over 70 episodes to ...

Pokemon the Movie: Black Victini and Reshiram

Pokemon the Movie: Black Victini and Reshiram

Last week, a very small group of fans across America got to see the latest Pokemon movie in theaters, Pokemon the Movie: White Victini and Zekrom. Unfortunately, the screening only hit 200 theaters throughout the entire country – by comparison, large movie releases can be on as many as 4,000 screens, so don’t be too surprised if Pokemon the Movie wasn’t in your area. ...

Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief

Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief

Saturday, December 10th, is a big day for Pokemon fans. And, frankly, who isn’t a Pokemon fan at this point? Among the biggest bits of news is the fact that Cartoon Network will host a special airing of the feature Pokemon the Movie: Black Victini and Reshiram at 7pm. For those of you who caught the (very select) screening of Pokemon the Movie: White Victini and Zekrom last week, ...

Transformers: The Japanese Collection: Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, Victory

Transformers: The Japanese Collection: Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, Victory

For years, after their initial run in the 1980s, the Transformers only continued in and around Japan. Broken into three individual series (Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, and Victory) fans in that area were treated to all types of awesome Transformerdom, the likes of which has only escaped to other regions via poor tapes, rips and internet leaks. But now, for the very first time, thanks to ...

Looney Tunes

Remembering the old: Looney tunes

Remembering the old is a multi-part series discussing the most famous old cartoons in the history of animation. Our first cartoon might be the greatest and most legendary of them all: Looney Tunes. The toon and franchise has, for generations, entertained and marked the live of many among us. Originally, the toons were a compilation of shorts, ranging between 6 and 10 minutes, featuring a ...

Finn and Jake are trapped in Marceline's Closet

Finn and Jake are trapped in Marceline’s Closet

You ever decide to do something fun, only to later realize how stupid it is? Like say, for example, you know a nearby vampire, who may or may not have a mean streak. If she left her house for a day, would you try to sneak in and see what she had going on in there? Well, Finn and Jake would, if that helps clear things up, and now the boys are in a whole world of trouble. Actually, ...

New iPhone Chrono Trigger Video

New iPhone Chrono Trigger Video

If you’re a big fan of RPGs and Akira Toriyama’s art style, chances are you’re also a big fan of Chrono Trigger, the massively successful 16 bit RPG with characters designed by the Dragonball Z artist/creator. Not only is Chrono Trigger the third best selling game of 1995 (and considered as one of the greatest video games of all time by several game mags), it was also ported to the PSX, ...

New Trailer for ‘The Lorax’

Second official trailer for The Lorax

If you’re a big fan of Dr. Seuss’ books and its big screen adaptations, there is no doubt that the announcement of a full-length CG adaptation of The Lorax has given you something to watch out for. Unfortunately, details about the movie itself are few and far in between, and the lone trailer they have released a few weeks ago is too short and sorely lacking in details. Well, fret no more ...

Hide-and-Seek with SpongeBob's Surf & Skate Roadtrip

Hide-and-Seek with SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate Roadtrip

With the holidays coming up, and gift giving the focus point of the next few weeks, it seems like producers are getting more and more clever with how they push their products. Take, for instance, the upcoming video game by Nickelodeon and THQ starring the porous one, SpongeBob’s Surf & Skate Roadtrip. THe game, now available for Xbox 360’s Kinect as well as the Nintendo DS ... now has 769 pages of news and games!« First Page469470471472473Last Page »

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