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New ‘Gummy Bear’ TV Series in the Works

New Gummy Bear TV Series in the Works

Gummy Bear (aka Gummibar) licensing agent AT New Media has revealed that they are currently developing an animated TV series based on the web-based singing and dancing bear. One of the selling points of Gummy Bear is that he’s multi-lingual and able to sing in as many as eleven different languages, which makes the videos very popular all over the Internet, regardless of geographical location. ...

Reunion Battles in Nimbasa, Ash versus Burgundy

Reunion Battles in Nimbasa, Ash versus Burgundy

After what feels like years of travel, our heroes have finally reached Nimbasa. No more on the road, no more “it’s almost there”, as of Saturday Morning, they’ve reached their destination ready for the next big, exclusive Battle Tournament. Actually, wait a second… this isn’t Nimbasa City; this is Nimbasa Town! Are they the same? Is it close enough…? ...

New Voltron Short Film

Fanimation: New Voltron Short Film

There have been rumors floating around about a Voltron live-action movie in the works. But right now the status of said movie is up in the air, so you’ll have to satiate your hunger for all things Voltron by watching this fan film from Alex Albrecth. It’s not much, but it’s a great concept done right under the limited budget, and I wouldn’t mind seeing an actual movie based on it: ...

FUNimation streams Haganai Anime on Friday

FUNimation streams Haganai Anime on Friday

FUNimation has recently announced that it will stream episodes of Haganai (Bokuha Tomodachi ga Sukunai) on Fridays, starting on Oct 28, 12:30 AM. The FUNimation website will stream the first two episodes first, then stream one episode per Friday afterwards. Haganai (Bokuha Tomodachi ga Sakunai) tells the story of Kodaka Hasegawa, who is the typical loner male that has trouble making ...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Premiere Episode – Darkness on Umbara

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Premiere Episode – Darkness on Umbara

Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm have recently released a new video clip that will serve as a teaser for the premiere episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The episode, entitled Darkness on Umbara, will premiere on October 28, Friday 2011 @ 8 PM (ET/PT). The return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to the small screens will be heralded by an exciting four part story arc that focuses on the clone ...

Berbils meet the ThunderCats tonight on Cartoon Network

Berbils meet the ThunderCats on Cartoon Network

It’s an awkward meeting at first: the ThunderCats have temporarily lost control of the ThunderTank, and while doing repairs and scouting for food, they encounter an amazing (both in cuteness and in curiousity) group of tiny robot bears known as the Berbils. After helping the Cats repair the ThunderTank, Robear Bill and the rest of the Berbils seek the help of Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and ...


Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi blasts off on PS3, and Xbox 360

Goku and friends blast off once again on the HD consoles as Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is now available. This latest game in the ever lasting Dragon Ball series features 30 minutes of brand new animation, a create a character mode, an extensive story mode covering the first conflict with Raditz to the final battle with Boo, cinematic battles, over 40 characters, giant boss battles and ...

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Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman take flight in Lost Heroes on Nintendo 3DS

Namco Bandai’s Banpresto label announced an interesting crossover during Nintendo’s press conference, called Nintendo Direct. This new title combines Japanese super hero franchises, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman with anime powerhouse Mobile Suit Gundam in Lost Heroes. The new 3DS title is a dungeon crawling role playing game set to hit Japanese shelves next year. Check out the debut ...

Fat Albert Halloween Special on Bounce TV

Fat Albert Halloween Special on Bounce TV

Hey Hey Heeeey! Gotta get those costumes today! Tonight on Bounce TV, the network is bringing back one of the forgotten classics of the Halloween holiday, the Fat Albert Halloween Special. The 1977 special stars Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and was recently acquired by Broadcast Partners for the purposes of airing this season. It all starts on Friday, October 28th, at 7pm. Not going to be ...

Thundercats Brings Back the Robear Berbils

Thundercats Brings Back the Robear Berbils

When the modern version of Thundercats was first shown to viewers, a couple of questions seem to have bubbled to the surface; namely, Where’s Lion-O’s annoying sidekick, Snarf? And how are they gonna handle the Robot Teddy Bears? The latter was answered this week with the release of a clip from the episode “Berbils”, which will air on Cartoon Network this Friday, October 28th. ...

ABC says to get Scared Shrekless on Halloween

ABC says to get Scared Shrekless on Halloween

This Monday is of course the spookiest day of the year, Halloween! No doubt, you already have your Halloween costume picked out, and you’re set on raking in as much candy as possible. But ABC would like to remind you to get home before too late, in order to catch the annual airing of the new animated classic Scared Shrekless. In a weekend where the Shrek franchise is already hyped up once ...


Stitch! anime explodes onto Disney XD

Disney’s lovable alien experiment, Stitch will have made his debut on Disney XD Monday in the US television premiere of Stitch! the Japanese anime series produced by Madhouse. After globe trotting, the English version of this series will finally make its debut. But this time, Stitch doesn’t have Lilo by his side. He has a new friend Yuna, as the alien and his friends live in an ... now has 756 pages of news and games!« First Page475476477478479Last Page »

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