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Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3 Official Trailer

Despite its inability to reach the same level of commercial success as the other Dreamworks and Pixar heavyweights, Madagascar is still popular enough to merit several spinoffs and a sequel. As a way to help further improve its chances, Dreamworks has decided that it is high time for a third installment. Enter: Madagascar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted. ...

transformers prime seaso 1

Transformers Prime Season One heads to DVD, and Blu-Ray March 6, 2012

Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios follows up their announcement of the release of the Transformers: The Japanese Collection, and the recent release of Transformers Prime: Darkness Rising mini-series comes their announcement of the home video release of the hit Hub TV series. The first 26 episodes of the series is set to hit both DVD, and Blu-Ray on March 6. The four-disc sets will include loads ...

Owners of viral video punished for suing South Park creators over fair use

Owners of viral video punished for suing South Park creators

As proof that god exists, the owners of the Youtube viral video What What (in the Butt) were ordered by a court judge to pay Viacom more than $30,000 in attorney fees for legal action that was deemed unnecessary and contradictory to the first amendment. It is worth noting that back in November of 2010, the owners of the viral video, Brownmark Films, levied a lawsuit against Viacom and Comedy ...

Target Secures Asian Broadcast Rights for Horrid Henry

Target Secures Asian Broadcast Rights for Horrid Henry

The UK based rights management group Target Entertainment has recently inked a new deal that gives them broadcast rights for Novel Entertainment’s Horrid Henry, which includes an Asian deal following ATF. The first two seasons of Horrid Henry was picked up by Cartoon Network for the AsPac region, which includes New Zealand, Australia, China, and India. The Icelandic public broadcast company ...

war for cybertron

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron stuns in Spike 2011 VGA Trailer

This weekend Spike TV hosted its annual Video Game Awards ceremony, and Transformers fans had a lot to be thankful about, as a new trailer for next year’s Transformers video game was released. The game, Fall of Cybertron, is a sequel to 2010’s well-received War For Cybertron and sees the Autobots and Decepticons take to the battlefield of their dying planet once more on PS3, Xbox ...

Disney Adds a New Princess to its Roster

Disney Adds a New Princess to its Roster

If there’s one thing that Disney has by the truckloads, it’s Princesses. Not by direct intention, but the number of Princesses that they have on their roster, from Snow White to Ariel, to the various ones played by Barbie, Disney has more female royal offsprings than you can shake a stick at. But now, they are going to introduce a new one: Princess Sofia. ...

BBCW America and Hulu Bring ‘Mongrels’ to the US

BBCW America and Hulu Bring ‘Mongrels’ to the US

The commercial arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Worldwide America, has recently announced that they will be releasing the first two seasons of the popular Brit puppet comedy Mongrels on Hulu and Hulu Plus. The series will be available exclusively for US audiences. The announcement is fresh off the heels of BBC’s successful launch of the sci-fi series Misfits on the popular ...

ABC Monsters

ABC Monsters goes global

MSC Malaysia’s Animasia Studio has recently started developing ABC Monsters, in an effort to extend the edutainment show’s reach outside of the Asia Pacific market. The show is currently one of the premiere educational toons in Malaysia, as it is one of the few shows that help children aged four to six learn the English language. ...

Redakai, Conquer the Kairu to conquer Latin America

Redakai, Conquer the Kairu conquers Latin America

Zodiak Kids, Zodiak Media Group’s kid’s production and distribution arm, secures new rights for the animated series Redakai: Conquer the Kairu, the massively popular entertainment and gaming property from Spin Master. Originally a series of toys (such as a trading card game in the same vein as Yugi-Oh), Redakai was also adapted into an animated TV show directed and designed by ...

Shocksquatch ready to get Ultimate

Heroes United introduces Shocksquatch to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

If you think the only exciting thing about the Ben 10-Generator Rex crossover is seeing the teenaged Ben Tennyson team up with (and fight) Rex Salazar, you should prepare to expand your list! Why? Because that awesome two-part crossover episode, Heroes United, also introduces a brand new Ben 10 alien form – the Shocksquatch! OK, so the name isn’t all that intimidating, and at first ...

V&S Entertainment and Vivid offer Everything's Rosie toy line

V&S Entertainment and Vivid offer Everything’s Rosie toy line

Now in their third season, the lovable cast of Everything’s Rosie continues to amaze with the imaginative adventures of Rosie, Raggles, and the rest of the crew. The CG animated toon is just as positive and bright in meaning as it is in animated style, offering a vibrant and fun look at every adventure. Distributed worldwide by V&S Entertainment, the toon now has over 70 episodes to ... now has 781 pages of news and games!« First Page480481482483484Last Page »

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