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Nintendo's Pokemon Rumble Blast at Comic Con's Pokemon Gaming Lounge

Nintendo’s Pokemon Rumble Blast at Comic Con’s Pokemon Gaming Lounge

This Saturday, there’s a whole new episode of Pokemon: Black and White on Cartoon Network. But you already knew that, didn’t you? What you may not have known is that, on this particularly Saturday Morning, October 15th, you could also become one of the first folks in the U.S. to play Pokemon Rumble Blast, the first Pokemon video game for the Nintendo 3DS. How? Head on over to the ...

FullMetal Alchemist movie 2

Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos to hit US Theaters

The critically acclaimed anime movie Full Metal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos is scheduled for release in North American theaters this winter. The movie, which borrows on the popularity of the Full Metal Alchemist manga and anime, was first released in its native country back in July. The Sacred Star of Milos was directed by Kazuya Murata and the animation was produced by Bones (of Cowboy ...

Broken Blade anime

Broken Blade Licensed by Sentai Filmworks

North American anime company Sentai Filmworks has recently announced their acquisition of one of this year’s most anticipated anime titles: Broken Blade, which is a new series of animated films based on the international manga bestseller from Rampage’s Yunosuke Yoshinaga. Broken Blade is about a place called Cruzon, where children are born with the innate ability to control quartz, ...


Family Guy Creator Doesn’t Mind Wrapping-up the Show

No more Peter? So long Stewie? Could it be that one of the most iconic prime time cartoons in the past decade is finally calling it quits? It certainly looks that way – at least from the perspective of the folks behind the show. In a recent Hollywood Reporter cover story, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane states that he doesn’t mind if his long-running and critically-acclaimed ...

Starship Troopers

New Starship Troopers Anime Planned for Summer 2012

A new promo site for Starship Troopers: Invasion was recently launched by Sony Pictures, which has confirmed former rumors about an anime sequel to the Paul Verhoeven adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s novel about militaristic mecha versus biggie icky poo crawlies. Shinji Aramaki (of Megazone 23, Robotech, and Transformers fame) is set to provide the same direction he previously gave to the ...

Pooch Cafe

Pooch Cafe To Get its Own CG Feature

With the success of The Smurfs and Gnomeo and Juliet, studios are starting to realize just how lucrative CG films are, and have started snatching licenses to adapt left and right. One of the recently rumored adaptations is Paul Gilligan’s Pooch Cafe, which is a daily strip that follows the neurotic and crazy adventures of a dog named Poncho. ...

beyblade mm

Beyblade Metal Masters duels into stores this fall on Nintendo DS

Following the success of last year’s Beyblade Metal Fusion video games, Hudson has teamed up with Nelvana once again to keep the tops spinning with Beyblade: Metal Masters for Nintendo DS. The latest title features more than 30 Beyblades, online gameplay, a new story mode and more. Gamers will get to experience the great battle Masamune and Gingka have when the game hits store shelves ...

The Lion King Diamond Edition Free Giveaway on Disney Blu-ray

The Lion King Diamond Edition Free Giveaway on Disney Blu-ray

By now, you know that Disney recently brought their modern animated epic, The Lion King, out to theaters recently, for a limited run – then made fans even happier, bringing the King home on Blu-ray in their highest quality package, The Lion King: Diamond Edition. There’s been a lot of excitement about the film – a lot of roaring, as it were. But now, we’re ready to ...

Marvel's The Avengers assemble in Disney's latest teaser trailer

Marvel’s The Avengers assemble in Disney’s latest teaser trailer

From comic book to movie theater, so many of Marvels heroes have had a chance to shine on the big screen. But what if an unexpected enemy appeared, threatening global safety in a way that no one of them could stop? That’s when Nick Fury of SHIELD must bring together a whole collection of super heroes – assemble them, if you will. Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain ...

Raving Rabbids CG series is a scream for Ubisoft and Nickelodeon

Raving Rabbids CG series is a scream for Ubisoft and Nickelodeon

They have funny ears, and they scream. They run at you with various attacks, and they scream. They fall down holes, get electrocuted, or just put on funny disco costumes and dance. …and they scream. Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids have, for years, been entertaining video game fanatics around the globe, long since stepping out of Rayman’s shadow. With their popularity spiking ...

Fox works a deal with The Simpsons, signing season 24 and 25

Fox works a deal with The Simpsons, signing season 24 and 25

For a moment there, we were worried. After 20+ seasons and nearing 500 episodes, it honestly wasn’t clear if the Simpsons was going to see a 24th season. A feud had developed between Fox and the cast behind-the-scenes, largely over money, that put the show’s future in jeopardy, despite being the longest running cartoon in history, and the longest running series (animated or not) on ...

Puss in Boots: you know his name; Learn the legend October 28th

Puss in Boots: you know his name; Learn the legend October 28th

The legends of the Master Cat took hold over 300 years ago from a French fairy tale, by Charles Perrault. Fast forward several centuries, and the character claws his way higher in popularity, thanks to his appearance and prominence in the CG Shrek films. Who? The Booted Cat, Puss in Boots! Originally introduced in Shrek 2, the character has forever been associated with Shrek, Donkey, and ... now has 773 pages of news and games!« First Page498499500501502Last Page »

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