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New Australian Trailer for The Lorax

Australian trailer for The Lorax

If the first official trailer for Universal’s 2012 feature Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax left you curious and interested in more details, then the new Australian trailer may give you exactly what you want; the newly released trailer for The Lorax offers more details about the highly anticipated adaptation of the Children’s book. ...

Family Guy Producers Planning a Female-Centric Cartoon

Family Guy Producers Planning a Female-Centric Cartoon

Seth McFarlane is famous for creating animated shows that revolve around male protagonists, with Family Guy’s Peter Griffin, The Cleveland Show’s Cleveland Brown, and American Dad’s Stan Smith all seeming to fit the stereotypical fat and/or stupid father role. In a recent interview with Alex Bornstein (who does the voice for Lois Griffin in Family Guy), it is revealed that McFarlane is ...

The Food Wife sets Marge, Lisa, and Bart as The Three Mouthkateers

The Food Wife sets Marge, Lisa, and Bart as The Three Mouthkateers

491. Four Ninety-One! We’re just about 10 episodes away from the 500th Simpsons episode of all time, and the Fox classic has decided it’s time to start preparing the celebratory food with this Sunday’s episode, the Food Wife. On November 13th at 8pm, Marge, Lisa, and Bart become Foodies as the Simpsons take on the world of Food Network, forming their own review group known ...

The Incredibles will get a sequel when Brad Bird feels like it

The Incredibles will get a sequel when Brad Bird feels like it

It seems like a mean thing to say, but the headline is exactly what you can get out of Brad Bird’s recent interview with Bird says that even though The Incredibles is the one film among Pixar’s lineup that is most ripe for a follow up, there is a very good reason why a sequel has not yet materialized. Namely, he hasn’t been working on one. Brad further clarifies that he ...

Mr. Magoo – The Television Collection is released

Mr. Magoo the Television Collection is released

After several half-hearted DVD offerings, the nearsighted, accidental hero from UPA is finally being given the proper treatment with Mr. Magoo: The Television Collection 1960-1977. Produced by Shout! Factory, the 11-disc megaset includes over 180 cartoons that add up to a total of 31 hrs of pure classic cartoon goodness. For those who are too young to remember Mr. Magoo, the cartoon centers on ...

FUNimation Entertainment Acquires Hellsing Ultimate’s 8th OVA

FUNimation Entertainment acquires Hellsing Ultimate’s 8th OVA

In case vampires that sparkle in the sun don’t do it for you, FUNimation Entertainment’s recent home video rights acquisition may be right up your alley – an ancient, primal destructive force clad in red, unkillable and with enough destructive force to level an entire city – meet Arucard: the first vampire. In an announcement last week, FUNimation has revealed that they now have ...

Teenage Fairytale Dropouts Picked-up by Seven Network

Teenage Fairytale Dropouts picked up by Seven Network

After staying true to the “drop out” part of its name, Teenage Fairytale Dropouts may have found a home in the land down under, where its been picked up by Australia’s Seven Network. Co-produced by Anima Estudios, SLR Productions, and Home Plate Entertainment, Teenage Fairytale Dropouts focuses on the lives of Fury, Jeremiah, and Trafalgar – 3 bestfriends and second generation fairy ...

How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack

Garden Gnome Attack CG animated film in the works

A recent report reveals that Robert Zemeckis is planning to make a CG-animated adaptation of Chuck Sambuchino’s “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack”, a novel that acts as a survival guide in case a homeowner is caught off guard by a lawn ornament home invasion. ...

No One Can Hear You Finn, so no Adventure Time

No One Can Hear You, Finn, so no Adventure Time

Finn is quite the imaginative young man, always able to think up the greatest stuff and let his creativity steer the regular journeys he goes on with everyone else in the Land of Ooo. But, what if there was no one else? No Jake, no Princess, no Marceline – not a single other citizen of Ooo? Sorta cuts short the adventure portion of Adventure Time. Such is the premise of November ...

ToonBarn's Ultimate Video Game Giveaway

The Ultimate Video Game Giveaway

You’re here because you want video games, and we have video games to offer to you! ToonBarn is giving the winner of this contest an AMAZING grand prize; your choice of video game systems and two games to go with it! The winner will have a choice of a Nintendo Wii, a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360, or a Nintendo 3DS – if you win, you pick! THEN you get to select two NEW video games for ...

Ben 10 goes Ultimate Humungousaur in Heroes United

Ben 10 goes Humungousaur in Heroes United

For weeks now, we’ve been anxiously looking forward to the first ever meeting of Cartoon Network superstars Ben Tennyson and Rex Salazar, aka Ben 10 and Generator Rex. As heroes in each of their respective shows, we could only imagine that they’d both meet up, shake hands, then chance on after some of their teamed villains – but that’s not exactly what the Man of Action ...

The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!

The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!

This Nimbasa Town has proven to be a pretty intense place. With all of the crazy Club Battles going on, it’s difficult to even catch your breath. Last week, we saw Cilan and Dwebble go up against Trip and Gurdurr, then Luke versus Scooter, Iris versus Jimmy Ray, and a quarter final battle between Ash’s Snivy and Georgia, the Dragon Buster, with Pawniard. With more on going battles ... now has 790 pages of news and games!« First Page501502503504505Last Page »

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