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A New One Piece Film set in the New World

A New One Piece Film set in the New World

One of the minor gripes fans usually have with the One Piece films is that they are almost always set in eras or periods where Luffy and his gang are either not yet born or have not reached the levels they have attained in the New World, this makes it a little bit less exciting if you compare to the current episodes, where Luffy and the gang have shown themselves to have improved and have become ...

Family Guy’s 9/11 joke went too far?

Family Guy’s 9/11 joke went too far?

Seth McFarlane and Family Guy in general were never the types to shy away from tackling controversial issues and making jokes about subjects that people consider sacred (for example, the Mohammed episode), and most of the time, you know that the creators are expecting the negative reactions and may have planned for it, but last Nov 13’s episode ruffled a few feathers that shouldn’t have been ...

The Monkey King Returns in 3D

The Monkey King Returns in 3D

Originally released in the 1960s, the multiple award winning animated film “Monkey Makes Havoc in Heaven” is arguably one of the most famous Chinese cartoons of all time, and the new generation may get a chance to see it in a whole new light, as t he film is scheduled for a 3D remake to be released in January. “Havoc in Heaven” was created and released during the 1960s, when the Chinese ...

Nickelodeon launches Team Umizoomi Math Zoom into Numbers app

Nickelodeon launches Team Umizoomi Math Zoom into Numbers app

Just this week, Nick continued to expanded their digital empire, one application at a time, with the arrival of Team Umizoomi’s newest app, Math: Zoom into Numbers. The math-based app features Team Umizoomi at their best, with all sortsa numbers! There are five games within the digital download, as well as an interactive map of Umi City, as well as an intricate reward system filled with ...

Transformers Mega Saturday

Transformers: Rescue Bots makes way on The Hub starting December 17 in Special Event

Transformers: Rescue Bots, the latest animated series in the hugely popular Transformers franchise premieres in a special two episode event on December 17, from 12PM to 1PM EST on The Hub with the full series premiering in 2012, a move quite similar to another Transformers show. This latest series sees the Autobots given a mission to learn and protect Humans on Earth. From there the Autobots ...

Highest Grossing Animated Project of 2011

Highest grossing animated project of 2011 is a video game

…and it’s not a videogame about a cartoon show either, but a realistic war game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has a launch that is not only the biggest in the videogame industry, the Activision game can boast of numbers that will eclipse even the openings of Adventures of Tintin and Kung Fu Panda 2 combined. The game sold 6.5 million units in NA and UK, earning $400 million and well on ...

Animated Star Wars Comedy from Robot Chicken Creators in the Works

Animated Star Wars Comedy from Robot Chicken Creators in the Works

According to a recent report by Shadowlocked, cult favorite co-creator of the Robot Chicken series and former Buffy cast member Seth Green has had two Star Wars comedic spin offs commissioned by Adult Swim and endorsed by George Lucas (!!!) himself. And no, we’re not talking about the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special – the upcoming spin off is a 40 minute long episode to be shown in its own ...

DreamWorks Planning its Own Channel

DreamWorks to render animation in real time

If you’re not familiar with how CG animation works, you may be under the impression that computers are miraculous tools that can produce movies instantly, because artists no longer need to draw every single frame by hand. It’s true if we’re only talking about flash movies or crude 3d rendered scenes, but if you want something with the same quality as any of DreamWorks’ CG movies, the ...

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

Wild Berry Princess, Finn and Jake vs Me-Mow

You’d think Wild Berry Princess would be able to defend herself against this teeny, tiny, innocent and adorable little kitten. And, technically, I guess she really would be able to handle that challenge with no problem. However, in this Monday’s episode of Adventure Time, we learn that Me-Mow isn’t just a sweet kitty cat, but a tiny feline assassin, capable of maiming attacks ...

Cartoon Network Acquires Rights to the Annoying Orange

Cartoon Network Acquires Rights to the Annoying Orange

Cartoon Network has recently acquired the TV rights to The Annoying Orange Internet property. A new half hour series is slated to premiere in 2012 as part of Cartoon Network’s original programming block. The rights to the viral sensation was acquired on the heels of its 850 million youtube views, making it one of the most popular channels on the video streaming site. ...

Ash versus Iris in Club Battle Finale, A Hero's Outcome

Ash versus Iris in Club Battle Finale, A Hero’s Outcome

Here it is; go time. We’ve reached the final match in the Nimbasa Town Club Battle – and wouldn’t you know it, Ash has qualified! Sure, we’ve been watching him try to become a Pokemon Master Trainer for the past 15 years or so, but maybe, just maybe, the boy is making some progress this Saturday Morning. So who will he be facing this time? Georgia the Dragon Buster? ... now has 796 pages of news and games!« First Page504505506507508Last Page »

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