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Did somebody say Naruto

Did somebody say Naruto

Ever been hungry for a Naruto burger? Or maybe Chicken McNarutos? Well, ok, maybe those sound like terrible names, but the idea of getting a Naruto Happy Meal sounds pretty awesome! Thankfully, VIZ Media and McDonald’s are partnering up to ...

Tai Chi Chasers

4Kids introduces Tai Chi Chasers

4Kids Entertainment is hoping to revive its Saturday morning offerings with a brand new series, Tai Chi Chasers. The toon will be a mix of traditional cel and CG animation, twisting an anime series for the American audience — similar to the ...

Toy Story goes from Lego to beyond

Toy Story goes from Lego to beyond

And speaking of the Toy Story groups… it seems like Lego and the folks at Disney and Pixar have something brewing for Toy Story. Over the past few weeks, kids from six different Boys & Girls Clubs across the US (Washington DC, Chicago, ...

Tangerine and Cow

Tangerine & Cow

Z@pp and Cartoon Network have recently grabbed a hold of the Imira Entertainment and Normaal Animation animated series Tangerine & Cow, with Portugal’s RTP and Lithuania’s Channel 5 grabbing the TV rights for the series along the ... now has 982 pages of news and games!« First Page757758759760761Last Page »