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Sorry Robin, no TV show for you

A few months ago, things were looking pretty good for Robin.  He was still famous from Teen Titans, his boss had a huge movie with The Dark Knight, and then we reported that he was getting his own show on the CW.  But now, The Graysons are over and done with.  The Smallville-like series was about Robin’s life growing up as Dick Grayson.  …at least it was going to be until it was ...


Monsters vs. Aliens!

Though Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is king at the box office, DreamWorks isn’t stopping there!  In just a few more months, on March 27th, 2009, DreamWorks Animations’ next film Monsters vs. Aliens will debut in theaters.  Check out the awesome behind-the-scenes video below the break, showing the animation in process! ...


Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

Trogdor the Burninator will be …burninating his way into the latest (and last!) episode of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.  The Nintendo Wii Virtual Console game has been waiting for this very moment, the legendary Trogdor will not disappoint. And the Trogdor comes in the niiight! ...


Madagascar 2 is King of the Theaters!

People “herded” into theaters this past weekend in enormous numbers for the animated sequel Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, pushing the film to led the weekend with over $63 million.  The new DreamWorks Animation flick beat out the original Madagascar, which made just over $47 million in its opening weekend in 2005.  Were you there for either?  And if not, when are you going to see ...


Astro Boy update

As we inch closer to Astro Boy’s October 2009 release, more and more details are trickling through.  Kadokawa has recently signed on for the distribution rights for the film in Japan — just as Summit Entertainment did the same for the US and other territories, and Golden Harvest and Enlight Pictures did for other parts of Asia like Hong Kong and China.  Imagi’s Astro Boy is ...


JimJam new feed next month

Next month, Jim Jam will be launching a feed making all of its animated series and preschool hits available to viewers across Asia for the very first time.  The shows will appear on Singapore’s StarHub TV, spreading the Hit Entertainment and Chellomedia network over the globe. This will give everyone there access to shows like: Rubbadubbers, James the Cat, Tigga & Togga, Barney and ...


The Wonder Pets! toys

The Wonder Pets will soon be on wonder toys, across the world!  Mega Brands and Nickelodeon are working on releasing all types of toys, products, and clothing for Nick Jr.’s series The Wonder Pets! hitting stores about a year from now, in the fall of 2009. Turtle capes are pretty cool looking… ...


Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension is a really, really long title.  But the show is just so good, no one seems to mind!  Jetix Europe has been delighting fans for a few months now with the 11th series in the Pokemon chain since September 6th 2008, with a new episode airing every day at 6pm.  It’s also airing on YTV in Canada since August 16th, 2008. Check out the video credits ...


Up has a new trailer!

Here it is; the first official teaser trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Up.  Pixar’s next adventure stars Carl Fredricksen, a formerly balloon salesman with a dream on his mind that he just can’t shake.  And, having the power and supply of balloons… well… just watch the trailer, you’ll see what he does!  Up is out in theaters May 2009, but you can get started ...


Qubo Channel launches four new kids series

This week saw the launch of four new kids series on the Qubo Channel; Sammy’s Story Shop, Maisy, Gofrette, and Adventures From the Book of Virtues.  The 4 started on Monday, November 3rd, along with the debut of a new season of Dragon, and new episodes of Babar, Rupert, 3-2-1Penguins, Miss BG, My Friend Rabbit, Theodore Tugboat and The Zula Patrol. Qubo has made some big changes! ...


Some cartoon Halloween costumes

Every Halloween, cartoon fans dress up as characters from their favorite shows.  Whether you’re a fan of Sonic or Avatar or He-Man or GI Joe, there are so many different costumes that look really cool on Halloween.  A bunch of users did it again this year and sent their images over to us at ToonBarn.  We wanted to post a bunch so you got to see their creative genius!  There’s ...


IGN’s Ben 10: Alien Force Review

IGN recently had a chance to review the latest Ben 10 game for Nintendo Wii.  Here’s a bit of what they had to say… and it wasn’t good: There’s just nothing to Ben 10: Alien Force that’s worth taking a look at. Everything about the game is entirely uninspired, from the bland visuals and awkward physics to the sleep-inducing music. It’s a shame, really, ... now has 796 pages of news and games!« First Page757758759760761Last Page »

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