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New Set of Screenshots for Digimon World: Next Order

Now that Digimon World: Next Order’s release is inching ever so closer, Bandai Namco has unleashed a whole new batch of screenshots, most likely serving as another promotional push in a marketing campaign that saw the regular release of videos and screenshots. The screenies show both the male and female protagonists as well as a few gameplay peeks. If you’re still on the fence on whether to ...

ronda rousey pokemon

VIDEO: Ronda Rousey Trains as Pikachu

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion is known to be a geek at heart, having professed her fondness for comic books, videogames, and anime during some interviews. One of the geeky things she’s preoccupied with when she’s not punching people into paste is Pokemon. And a new tongue-firmly-in-cheek video shows just how obsessed she is with the franchise, as the video shows her training while ...


VIDEO: Ratchet and Clank Movie Trailer

The first official trailer has been released for the CG animated film adaptation of Ratchet & Clank has been released. The trailer was first released exclusively on iTunes, but as is expected of the Internet, it soon found its way to other places, including Youtube: The Ratchet & Clank videogame franchise originally debuted in November 2002 via an action platformer game for the PS2. ...

angry birds new partners

Rovio Secures New Global Partners for Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment has recently appointed a number of new licensing agencies in EMEA in order to help maximize the full potential of the Angry Birds brand, as well as help other licensor and licensees in the region. The list of new agents for the Angry Birds brand include the following: Biplano in France, Spain and Portugal Bulldog Licensing in the United Kingdom European Licensing Co. in ...


Teletubbies and Twirlywoos Coming to Australia

DHX Media has recently signed a new deal for the properties Teletubbies and Twirlyloos, which will see the preschool properties make their way to Australian TV screens via ABC Kids. The channel is expecting to start airing both shows in 2016. The Teletubbies series in particular is noteworthy because it is an updated version of the hit preschool phenomenon, with 60 brand new episodes under its ...


Regal Academy to Air on Nickelodeon in 2016

Regal Academy, which is a new animated series from Italian studio Rainbow, will be making its way to TV screens all over the world in 2016, as Nickelodeon has recently acquired the series and has set plans for a global rollout. Regal Academy is targeted towards young women and focuses on a fictional world, in which slightly tweaked takes on familiar fairy tale characters come to life and go on ...


H.R. PufnStuf Returns to TV

Cult classic H.R. Pufnstuf will be making its grand return to kids TV after several decades of absence. According to a recent announcement, the Sid and Marty Kroft developed characters will be returning via the Kroffts’ latest live action series Mutt & Stuff on Nickelodeon. The series will feature H.R. Pufnstuf, Cling and Clang, Freddy the Flute, and the Rescue Racer and will be part of an ...


Transformers Robots in Disguise: A New Autobot Mission Introduces New Squad Members

This coming October 20, Shout! Fatory Kids will be releasing Transformers Robots in Disguise: A new Autobot Mission on DVD and as a way of getting fans pumped up, a new clip has been released, providing a glimpse of what viewers can expect, namely the introduction of three important members of the team: Fixit, Sideswipe, and fan-favorite Grimlock. For the uninitiated, Transformers Robots in ...


VIDEO: Frieza vs. Goku Fight as Hand Puppets

These days, the ancient practice of settling disputes through a rousing game of Rock-Paper-Scissors is no longer enough. So when Youtube icons Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi needed to decide which one will help bring in the groceries, they had to settle with a thumb wrestling match, followed by an elaborate clapping game. But when those two additional games failed to settle the dispute, they had to ...


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation Coming to PC Later This Month

Idea Factory International has recently announced that they will be bringing the third installment of the HyperDimension Neptunia RPG franchise to the PC via Steam, and it’s sooner rather than later because the date has been set for October 30. Tittled Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation, the game originally saw release on the Japanese PS Vita last December, followed by an American release last ...


DQE and Ellipsanime Sign Co-Pro Deal for The Jungle Book’s Season 3

Global entertainment production and distribution outfit DQE has recently announced a new co-production deal signed with French studio Ellipsanime, along with Germany’s ZDFE and ZDFTV and Canal+ network PIWI. The 3rd season is slated for a worldwide broadcast by early 2017, and is expected to receive strong support by season 2 broadcast partners. The 3rd season of The Jungle Book follows Mowgli ...


Her Universe Press Launches at NYCC!

Calling All Aspiring Writers! Hear Big News From Her Universe and Get Expert Advice to Become a Published Writer! That was the title of a panel in the completely packed 1A05 Room at New York Comic Con from 5:30-6:30 PM on Saturday, October 10, 2015. Ashley Eckstein, the Founder of Her Universe and an accomplished voice actor, was moderating the panel, where a big announcement was promised. What ... now has 719 pages of news and games!« First Page678910Last Page »

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