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Magical Doremi Ringtones?

So, you have a cell phone.  You make some calls.  You open it up, and beeuch, there’s that nasty background picture of socks.  Or garbage.  Or whatever.  You know, stuff we all have on our phone, right?  …right…?  …Anyway, if you’re a fan of Magical DoReMi or the Digimon Adventures, now you’ll be able to brighten up your phone with the addition of some ...

Gormiti, the Lords of Nature

Gormiti, the Lords of Nature Return

Gormiti is a popular line of action-figures available in a few European countries, including France and Italy.  With their recent success, they’re now creating an animated series based on the successful toy line — which is typically the reverse of how deals go in the States.  The series is slated to be called Gormiti, the Lords of Nature Return and will follow the adventures of 4 ...


Goblin King packs a bonus!

The Scooby Do and the Goblin King DVD will be packing quite a few bonuses.  Perhaps most importantly, the DVD bonus features will include Scooby-Doo You Believe in Magic? a featurette that offers some cool magic tricks viewers can perform for family and friends. The Scooby-Doo & The Goblin King flick has also been scheduled for national broadcast this fall on the Cartoon Network, but then, ...


Star Wars: The Clone Wars forces (eh!) itself to DVD

Warner Home Video will be releasing Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be hitting DVD and that new-fangled Blu-ray on November 11th. This is the movie that appeared in theaters, not a compilation of the earlier Cartoon Network show.  The special features were not yet announced for any of the home versions, but it’s a safe bet they’ll be chock full o’goodies, as previous ...


“Batman: Gotham Knight” on Cartoon Network Oct 4th

Batman: Gotham Knight, the anime DVD made available a few months ago before Batman: The Dark Knight hit theaters, will be debuting on Cartoon Network Saturday, October 4th at 9:00 PM.  The movie bridges the time period between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight through several stories, each animated in a different and unique ...


Gogoriki debuts on CW4Kids

This weekend, CW4Kids showed an exclusive sneak peek of their newest series, Gogoriki. Did any of you guys check it out?   Here’s the official overview of the series: This is not your typical cartoon series… not by a long shot. GOGORIKI is a high-energy comedy adventure starring eight decidedly distinct personalities that are always having a ball! The characters share a basic circle ...


Scooby-Doo & The Goblin King

Scooby-Doo & The Goblin King has hit the video store. This new Warner Bros movie has Shaggy and Scooby on a magic quest to save the Mystery Inc. gang from the spell of an evil warlock.  The Amazing Krudsky plots to turn everyone into horrible Halloween monsters after he steals the light magic from Princess Fairy Willow. Scooby and Shaggy set out to prevent this awful deed by boarding the ...


The Nicktons Animation Festival

The Nicktons Animation Festival will kick off on October 3rd, 2008 with a special two-day event.  Appearing at the invitation-only event will be Stan Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, and numerous other of Marvel superheroes — many of whom now have a cartoon series of their own.  You can also check out clips from the festival on Nicktoons during the month of ...


Transformers: Energon – The Ultimate Collection DVD

Transformers: Energon – The Ultimate Collection will be in stores and available on DVD this December 16th.  The Paramount Home Entertainment bundle is arriving just in time for the holidays, and would make just a lovely present for any person writing this ToonBarn news post right now.  … who could that be…  Anyway, the set will contain 4 “thinpak” DVDs with all ...


A L.O.S.E. M.M.O.C.T.C.G. ….?????

In addition to its spread all across the world via TV networks, Nerd Corps has begun work on a The League of Super Evil (aka L.O.S.E.) massively multiplayer online collectible trading card game and fan site.  There’s not that much information avaialble yet on either, but the rumors are it’s going to be ...


Total Drama and Stoked like Canada

Canadian viewers will soon be able to check out new episodes of two cartoons, Total Drama and Stoked, on the local Teletoon broadcast.  Total Drama will take on an entirely new spin in the third season as the Fresh TV series is adding in a musical aspect to the episodes.  The whole season even goes so far as to call itself “Total Drama, the Musical.” Stoked will premiere on ...


Dragon Ball: Origins Trailer

IGN has just posted the latest trailer for the upcoming Nintendo DS game, Dragon Ball: Origins.  Here’s what they have to say about the game: Dragon Ball: Origins follows Goku and his clever sidekick Bulma as they travel the world overcoming enemies and obstacles to collect the 7 Dragon Balls. In the shoes of Goku, the player must protect Bulma from incoming enemy attacks using special ...

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