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ToonBarn Trivia: We are the Winx??

ToonBarn Trivia Winx Club

Today’s trivia question: Every show starts off the same… “We are the Winx, we are the Winx…”  …but who the heck are the Winx? There are 6 fairies in the Winx Club.  Can you name all 6?

Email us with your answer and your first name or nickname. We’ll post the names of the first 5 people to send in the right answer in the next ToonBarn Trivia! And be sure to check after the break to see who won the previous ToonBarn Triva, Name this Yu-Gi-Oh! Character!

Pokemon in SSBB – Lucario


It’s the Aura Pokémon, Lucario. Lucario is a Pokémon, and a Pokemon from SSBB, but for some reason, there’s something lonesome about it. Lucario’s inner power, called Aura, increases its power in proportion to the danger Lucario is in. Keep the fight lively with Lucario’s high-risk, high-reward fighting style!

More Pokemon from Nintendo Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl after the break!

Strong Bad Episode Two: Strong Badia the Free

Strong Bad Episode Two: Strong Badia the Free

Strong Bad and company has returned to the Nintendo Wii in the second episode of the 5 part mega adventure.  The game can be downloaded to your Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console for $10 bucks – not bad.  Much like the first episode, Strong Badia the Free stars Strong Bad amongst the world of characters like Homestar, The Cheat, Strong Sad, The Poop Smith (eeew), Bubs, Pom Pom, and more.  Its very similar to the first episode, which came out a few weeks earlier – but if you like the animated style, and crazy humor, then this one is a winner!

Check out the trailer after the break!

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