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Get the Disney Pirate treasure: Jake and the Never Land Pirates! Just as Peter Pan battled Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, the fight continues

Disney’s the Pirate Fairy Introduces Crocky

The main star of Disney’s The Pirate Fairy is of course Zarina, but it also features several characters that are already familiar to us – such as Tinkerbell, or Peter Pan’s future nemesis, the cabin boy James Hook. However, another character that will be familiar to fans of Disney’s Peter Pan franchise will be introduced in the Pirate Fairy, namely the cute little amphibian, Crocky.

We’re not going to reveal too much in here, but exactly what role Crocky will play when it grows up should already be obvious to anybody familiar with the Peter Pan mythos. In case you’re having trouble getting the hint, this video clip of the cute baby croc should jog your memory:

Walt Disney Teams Up with Christian Siriano for The Pirate Fairy

Walt Disney Studios and Christian Siriano have teamed up in order to bring to life the latest addition to the world of Tinker Bell and Neverland, the CG animated feature “The Pirate Fairy,” which focuses on the pixie and her friends way before she even met Peter Pan. The Pirate Fairy will feature Siriano’s trademark whimsical and show stopping designs, and will also feature a start studded voice cast that includes Christina Hendricks as Zarina – a dustkeeper fairy that falls in with a band of pirates, and Tom Hiddleston as a cabin boy named James, who will grow up to become a very important figure in Never Land.

New Trailer for Disney’s Pirate Fairy Released

the pirate fairy

Disneytoon Studio has just released a new trailer for their upcoming 2014 movie, ‘The Pirate Fairy.’ The movie will focus on everybody’s favorite Never Land fairy, Tinker Bell, and will follow the pint-sized heroine as she goes on a swashbuckling new adventure as she and her friends try to find an ambitious dust keeper fairy named Zarina, who was captivated by Blue Pixie Dust and its endless possibilities – the abuse of which leads her to flee Pixie Hollow and join forces with the scheming pirates of Skull Rock.

The Pirate Fairy works as a prequel of sorts to Peter Pan, as it features a band of pirates led by a cabin boy names James (voiced by Tom Hiddleston), who will eventually grow up to become the legendary Captain Hook.

Tinkerbell Drops By on Jake and the Never Land Pirates


One of the most iconic denizens of Never Land, second only to Peter Pan and probly on par with Captain Hook, is the diminutive pixie named Tinkerbell. Without her, we probably wouldn’t see many of the characters that we have come to know and love (mainly because some characters wouldn’t be able to fly if it were not for her). This coming Sunday, September 29, 6 PM on the Disney Channel and 9 PM on Disney Junior,Tinker Bell will be visiting Jake and the Never Land Pirates via the episode “Never Land Rescue,” in which she will help Jake go on a heroic mission in order to save Never Land from being erased from existence.

Disney Celebrates Peter Pan’s 60th Anniversary with Diamon Edition Blu Ray Release

Disney Celebrates Peter Pan's 60th Anniversary with Diamon Edition Blu Ray Release

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Walt Disney’s classic take on the tale of The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, Peter Pan, which also gave us loveable characters that are still recognizable on their own to this day, such as Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and the Hungry Crocodile, all of which have since turned up in different spin-offs.

In order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the classic tale, Disney will be releasing a digitally restored and remastered version of the original film (which was originally released in 1953) with high definition picture and sound via Blu Ray and DVD formats, as part of their Diamond Edition series.

The New Adventures of Peter Pan to Premiere on RAI DUE on Dec 17

The New Adventures of Peter Pan to Premiere on RAI DUE on Dec 17

This coming December 17, Monday, the highly anticipated animated series The New Adventures of Peter Pan will be making its worldwide debut on RAI DUE, where it will continue to air regularly from Monday to Friday at 7:25 AM, followed by repeat broadcasts during the weekend starting from December 29 at 7:25 am.

Toonbarn Contest: Secret of the Wings Giveaway!

Toonbarn Contest: Secret of the Wings Giveaway!

It’s Toonbarn contest time again!

Here at Toonbarn, we’re always in a giving mood. If it were up to us, we’d give away free stuff every day. Every second! You can just go to our house, knock on our doors and we’d be giving you stuff for FREE. I don’t care about the recession. If recession comes to my doorstep I’d shake its hand and give it stuff for free, because that’s the kind of guy I am and that’s the kind of website Toonbarn is. We’re givers, not takers.

It just so happens that we don’t always have stuff that you’d want lying around the house unless you want free pocket lint and gum wrappers. We have tons of those because that’s what we eat right now, due to the recession and stuff.

Fortunately for you and for me and the entire human race, Walt Disney is kind enough to provide a buncha Secret of the Wings loot as prizes for a new Toonbarn contest, which I have dubbed – The Toonbarn Secret of the Wings Giveaway! (this is the part where you imagine confetti bursting out of your screen).

The secret wings contest prizes

The way the contest goes is that one lucky Toonbarn Reader will win the following:

  • 1 copy of the Secret of the Wings Flitterrific 4-disc combo pack (3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Download)
  • 1 pair of wings
  • 1 Secret of the Wings zipper pull
  • 1 fairy-sized Secret of the Wings storybook pamphlet
  • All you have to do to win the sweet bunch of loot above is:

    Disney Debuts Peter Pan Storybook App

    Disney Debuts Peter Pan Storybook App
    Disney Publishing has recently released Peter Pan, the first in a new series of classic Disney Storybook apps designed the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The $3.99 app is based on Disney’s classic Peter Pan movie, which is one of the most popular and iconic renditions of the character. With the Peter Pan franchise itself sprouting several other related movies and spin off shows.

    New Tinker Bell Pic Set for October

    New Tinker Bell Pic Set for October

    Disney’s iconic Never Land fairy will get the home video treatment on October 23, when Disney released Tinker Bell’s Secret of the Wings on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital formats. The CG animated movie will mark as the first time Peter Pan’s miniature friend will take flight in full 3D glory. Secret of the Wings will also introduce a new winter fairy named Periwinkle, to be voiced by Lucy Hale (of Pretty Little Liars).

    Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns on DVD this April

    Jake and the Never Land Pirates Peter Pan Returns on DVD this April

    Kid Pirates rejoice! Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns Arrives on DVD and Digital Copy on the 3rd of April, 2012, and it’s not going to arrive alone – the 2 Disc DVD set comes with a whole ton of extra content, including a never before seen episode and a FREE in-pack Never Land Sword (in case you need to whack a couple of pirates yourself).

    Tinker Bell takes over Disney Junior in Disney Fairies Month

    Tinker Bell takes over Disney Junior in Disney Fairies Month

    October might belong to the ghosts, but this November, the fairies have taken over! Tinker Bell and the rest of her fairy friends will be frequenting Disney Junior all month long as part of Disney Fairies Month. Every Friday through the month will feature new fairy-themed programming, including Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue on November 18th, and the premiere of Pixie Hollow Games on November 25th. The events kick off on Friday, November 4th, when Tinker Bell recounts her early days, meeting enchanting creatures and discovering the magical world of fairies.

    Disney’s Jake and the Never Never Land Pirates DVD, CD boost September

    Disney's Jake and the Never Never Land Pirates DVD, CD boost September

    September generally gets a bad, what with it being the month most kids head back to school. Many of the folks at ToonBarn Studios have been out of school for a few years, but it still brings back a painful feeling on occasion, as soon as we see those first few leaves change. Thankfully, there’s so many good reasons to love September, that it can over power any homework assignment. Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates, for example, are offering not just one, but two great September events for our pirate-loving happiness. On September 20th, the Disney Junior toon will release its first music soundtrack album – just a single week before the first DVD becomes available. So maybe there’s still some “oh, no!” for September; but Disney is doing all it can to turn that into “Yo, Ho!”

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