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The New Adventures of Peter Pan to Premiere on RAI DUE on Dec 17

The New Adventures of Peter Pan to Premiere on RAI DUE on Dec 17

This coming December 17, Monday, the highly anticipated animated series The New Adventures of Peter Pan will be making its worldwide debut on RAI DUE, where it will continue to air regularly from Monday to Friday at 7:25 AM, followed by repeat broadcasts during the weekend starting from December 29 at 7:25 am.

The New Adventures of Peter Pan is being produced by DQ Entertainment (India) with the help of De Agostini Editore S.pA. / DeAKids. The series is a new take on the popular character, boasting of 3D HD stereoscopic animation. Each of the 26 episodes will run for 22 minutes, and will feature Peter Pan, his best friend Tinkerbell and a new generation of Wendy, her brothers John and Michael and their pet dog Newfie.

The series has already started airing on SKY on DeAKids and in 3D stereoscopic via Sky 3D since September 2nd, with viewer reception being generally favorable.

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