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Toonbarn Contest: Secret of the Wings Giveaway!

Toonbarn Contest: Secret of the Wings Giveaway!

Toonbarn Contest: Secret of the Wings Giveaway!

It’s Toonbarn contest time again!

Here at Toonbarn, we’re always in a giving mood. If it were up to us, we’d give away free stuff every day. Every second! You can just go to our house, knock on our doors and we’d be giving you stuff for FREE. I don’t care about the recession. If recession comes to my doorstep I’d shake its hand and give it stuff for free, because that’s the kind of guy I am and that’s the kind of website Toonbarn is. We’re givers, not takers.

It just so happens that we don’t always have stuff that you’d want lying around the house unless you want free pocket lint and gum wrappers. We have tons of those because that’s what we eat right now, due to the recession and stuff.

Fortunately for you and for me and the entire human race, Walt Disney is kind enough to provide a buncha Secret of the Wings loot as prizes for a new Toonbarn contest, which I have dubbed – The Toonbarn Secret of the Wings Giveaway! (this is the part where you imagine confetti bursting out of your screen).

The secret wings contest prizes

The way the contest goes is that one lucky Toonbarn Reader will win the following:

  • 1 copy of the Secret of the Wings Flitterrific 4-disc combo pack (3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Download)
  • 1 pair of wings
  • 1 Secret of the Wings zipper pull
  • 1 fairy-sized Secret of the Wings storybook pamphlet
  • All you have to do to win the sweet bunch of loot above is:

    1.) Sign up for a Toonbarn account if you don’t already have one (there’s a ‘Sign Up’ link above the page)
    2.) Leave a comment below and tell us where you’d fly if you had wings

    We will contact the winner via e-mail so make sure you use a real, working e-mail address (using a fake email address means we can’t contact you and you won’t receive your prize.)

    Did I mention this contest is FREE? Because it is. But don’t slack off. Enter now, or someone else could get all of the Secret of the Wings loot and you’ll get nothing but pocket lint and regret. Heck, I would have liked to have all of the prizes to myself but Disney made it clear that it was meant for Toonbarn Readers. I am not a Toonbarn reader, I just post random stuff and then run away very fast before Toonbarn Rob realizes his website has been vandalized by a mysterious yet very handsome individual.

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    Neil Raymundo

    A cowardly and treacherous Toonbarn blogger who can transform into a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Secretly wants to replace Toonbarn Rob as leader of the Decepticons.

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