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ToonOlympics First Round Match Canada vs India


Kicking off the ToonOlympics competition today is a cartoon from India, called Chhota Bheem, matched against a Canadian cartoon, called Sidekick. Let The Games Begin! Please make sure you take a good look at both cartoons before deciding where to place your vote. It all comes down to which one would you rather watch on a regular basis, if these two cartoons were the only ones you could ever watch.


Sidekick (CANADA)

Sidekick is a Canadian animated television series about a boy named Eric and his best friend Trevor, who are training to become sidekicks at the Academy for Aspiring Sidekicks. While dealing with intense sidekick training, Eric must also contend with the disappearance of his superhero mentor, Maxum Man, and keep it a secret from the town of Splitsboro.

Main characters:
Eric Needles – Eric is the main character of the series. Eric was adopted as the sidekick to Maxum Man, the greatest superhero of all time (before he disappeared). He also has a huge crush on Vana, but he later seems to be more infatuated with Mandy Struction. He grew up in an orphanage because he has no parents. He was adopted by Maxum Brain. Eric always brings a t-shirt with a skull on it. He is voiced by Miklos Perlus.
Trevor Troublemeyer – Eric’s best friend and partner-in-shenanigans, Trevor, always ropes Eric into all sorts of hijinks. His father is Master XOX but he, along with everyone else, is completely unaware of this. He is voiced by Christian Potenza.
Kitty Ko – An energentic Asian heroine who, despite being a bit strange, gives the rest of the group advice, and is somewhat a good hacker and fixer. She has a huge crush on Eric and has a bit of a stalker-like obsession towards him. She is voiced by Denise Oliver.
Vana Glama – A self-absorbed, narcissistic, hyper-ambitious prima donna who’s not easily impressed and is extremely shallow. Eric has a huge crush on her. She often tortures Eric and hates him for no apparent reason, but eventually comes to view Eric somewhat affectionately. She is voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills.

Created by:  Todd Kauffman, Joey So
Directed by:  Joey So
Voices of:  Miklos Perlus, Christian Potenza, Denise Oliver, Stephanie Anne Mills
Theme music composer: William Kevin Anderson
Composer(s):  Don Ereithaupt, Anthony Vanderburgh
Country of origin: Canada
No. of seasons: 3
No. of episodes: 52
Original run: September 3, 2010 – present

Check out the following full episode (Episode 33: House of Helmut / Supermodels) to get a full taste of Sidekick:

Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem (INDIA)

Chhota Bheem is a children’s animation series, focusing on the adventures of a small boy named Bheem in the fictional city of Dholakpur. The series was launched in 2008. As of 2012, it has aired over 120 episodes. It was created by Rajiv Chilaka, the CEO of Green Gold Animation, and is broadcast on Pogo TV. The series quickly became popular and soon emerged as the number one Indian animation show in all of India. The success of the series has spun off into a number of short animation films over the years and a full length feature film titled Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan which was released in 2012.

Bheem lives in a fictional town called Dholakpur set in rural India. The series revolves around Bheem, a nine year old boy, who is brave, strong and intelligent. Bheem’s rival is Kalia Pahelwan, a jealous eleven year old bully, who is envious of Bheem’s popularity. Kalia, along with his sidekicks Dholu and Bholu, always plots to embarrass and defeat Bheem but he never succeeds, and Krishna helps Bheem whenever he needs help in the most difficult circumstances and in fighting demons like Kirmada. The story revolves around Bheem and his friends and their rivalry with Kalia and his friends. All the children of Dholakpur look up to Bheem, as he solves everyone’s problems. He also defeated some enemies in and around Dholakpur like the evil demon Kirmada, Kichak & Mangal Singh. The Raja Indravarma and his daughter Indumati trust Bheem more than any one else for a major task.

Distributed by:  Green Gold Animation
Running time:  22 minutes
Country:  India
Language:  Hindi, English
Original Run:  2008 – present

Main Characters:

Bheem: Bheem is an adventurous and fun-loving 9-year-old who is gifted with extraordinary strength. This power is a boon for Dholakpur, Bheem’s village, which is constantly beset by all kinds of perils. This child has a big heart and he always uses his strength to help those who are wronged or needy and nabs culprits, robbers, and is seen as a Guardian of the innocent and poor people and also the animals. He wants to be a protector of the world. Bheem loves food and has a certain craving for laddoos, which in fact, give him a surge of energy and make him even stronger than he normally is. These laddoos are often offered by Chutki. He has three main friends called Chutki, Jaggu (a monkey) and Raju .
Chutki: Chutki is a seven -year-old girl. She is Bheem’s closest friend, and assists Bheem on their adventures. While she is responsible about her household chores and gentle towards all creatures of the forest, she can be tough too, when the situation demands it. Surprisingly, she is seen greedy for taking gold in the episode “The Curse of Bramhbhatt-Part 2”. She has a soft spot for Bheem as can be seen in episodes like the Magic Doll etc. She also has many ideas or tricks to help Bheem in many of his adventures as seen in the episodes “Pirates on the ship”, “Hercules”,etc.
Raju: Raju is a cute and courageous five-year-old, whose role model is Bheem. Raju’s size belies his courage, which he gets from his father, the Senapati of the King’s army. Raju also wants to be the Senapati of the Army. (seen in the episode “Chutki’s Wish”). He is very good in archery and won the “Arjuna Cup”. He appears as the protagonist in the movie “Mighty Raju”
Kalia: Kalia or Kalia Pehalwan, is a 11 year old bully. He is also very greedy and tries to become rich by cheating. Kalia has two silly followers, Dholu and Bholu, who sometimes help him in his plans and at other times completely abandon him. However, at times he is seen helping Bheem in common causes or in attempts to save Dholakpur.
Jaggu: Jaggu is a talking monkey. Jaggu has his own special way of solving problems, using tricks and his amazing sense of humour. Jaggu and Bheem always have fun together, be it exploring forests or helping people with their chores. From him, Bheem learns useful techniques like swinging from trees. Whenever they are really hungry, it’s Jaggu who assists Bheem in stealing laddoos. He also loves playing tricks on Dholu, Bholu and Kalia. He wants to be the Protector of all animals in the jungle (seen in the episode “Chutki’s Wish”)

Check out the following full episode (The River Mess) of Chhota Bheem:

Now, once you have weighed the options, the time is at hand… Time to decide who goes to the next round in the ToonOlympics… and who gets eliminated.

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Polling will remain open until all First Round Matches have been released.  Then, we will update the Brackets, to determine Match-Ups for the Second Round.

Join us again tomorrow for Match 2 in ToonBarn’s ToonOlympics.  Tomorrow’s match-up is Mexico Vs. United Kingdom.

Mexico will be represented by a cartoon called “El Chavo“.

Mexico's El Chavo

United Kingdom will be represented by a cartoon called “Horrid Henry“.

United Kingdom's Horrid Henry

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