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North American 3DS eShop to Get Pokemon Picross This Month

As per announced in a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the West is confirmed to be getting their version of Pokemon Picross, with the official Pokemon Twitter account further confirming an official release date. According to the tweet, the game will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America and Europe on December 3. You can see the actual tweet below, in super duper cool embedded ...


Pokken Tournament Mystery Boss Officially Confirmed as Shadow MewTwo

A few days ago, a footage from Pokken Tournament made the rounds on NicoNico, showing off a mystery boss that fans have dubbed as “Dark Mewtwo” due to its visual similarities to the iconic Pokemon. It seems that fans were close, as the Official Pokemon Channel have stepped in and released an official trailer revealing the mystery boss: Shadow Mewtwo. Western fans who want to play around ...


Scary MewTwo Boss Seen in New Pokken Tournament Footage

A new Pokkemon Tournament footage showing off an “Extra Battle” against a mysterious boss appeared on Youtube via TrackerTDGaming, from an original upload on the Japanese streaming video site NicoNico. What’s interesting about the footage is the identity of the mysterious new boss, which appears to be a different form of MewTwo. Fans have started referring to the boss as “Dark MewTwo,” ...


McDonalds to Distribute Legendary Pokemon Hoopa

According to a recent announcement from The Pokemon Company International, select McDonalds establishments in North America will be distributing a level 50 Mythical Hoopa Pokemon from November 27 all the way to December 23, making it a Halloween and Christmas gift at the same time. Because Hoopa is a Ghost/Psychic type Pokemon, and because the Holidays is all about the act of giving. The free ...


Digital Giveaway Heralds Japanese Debut of Pokemon XY & Z TV Anime

This coming October 29, 2015, the Pokemon franchise will continue its foray into the TV anime medium with the broadcast debut of Pokemon XY & Z on TV Tokyo. What’s even more special than the broadcast debut is that the anime will also be streamed online, and Japanese viewers can watch the stream in order to earn a digital code for a Legendary Pokemon on either the Pokemon Omega Ruby or ...


VIDEO: Pokken Tournament Promo and Halloween Plans

Bandai Namco has just posted a new promotional video for the Tekken/Pokemon hybrid fighting game Pokken Tournament, which has already proven itself to be a hit in Japanese arcades and is now coming to the international market via a Wii U port. The release is in spring 2016, though, so if you want to get your hands on a copy, you need to be patient and slake your Pokemon fighting thirst on the ...

ronda rousey pokemon

VIDEO: Ronda Rousey Trains as Pikachu

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion is known to be a geek at heart, having professed her fondness for comic books, videogames, and anime during some interviews. One of the geeky things she’s preoccupied with when she’s not punching people into paste is Pokemon. And a new tongue-firmly-in-cheek video shows just how obsessed she is with the franchise, as the video shows her training while ...


Pokemon Goes ARG with Pokemon GO

The Pokemon Company, despite being considered as one of the few gaming companies that still care about their fans, seem to have some sort of vendetta against my free time, because they have just announced a new co-prod with SF-based developer Niantic. This time around it’s a mobile game for the iOS and Android platform, but what makes it unique from the usual Pokemon fare is that it’s an ...


VIDEO: New Trailer for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is Super Cute

The Pokemon Company has just released a new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. The trailer is in Japanese, but it’s so cute that it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand anything. It’s also not that hard to understand that it’s just showing how players can take their Pokemon out on quests and through various dungeons. Besides, the trailer is worth it simply ...


VIDEO: Pokken Tournament for Wii U

The Pokemon Company has just posted the first official trailer for Pokken Tournament’s Wii U port, which is a collaboration between the company and fighting game juggernaut Bandai Namco. If the name has not made it clear yet, Pokken Tournament is a Pokemon fighting game based on the Tekken Tournament mechanics, with the Pokemon themselves battling each other in 3D arenas using impressive combos ...


VIDEO: Trailer for Pokemon TCG: XY – Ancient Origins Expansion

Nintendo’s Shiny Rayquaza giveaway isn’t the only Pokemon-related good news to come out today, because Pokemon has also posted a trailer promoting the newest expansion for their XY TCG, titled “Ancient Origins Expansion.” You can check out the brief (clocking in at 16 seconds) but impressive official trailer below: The official description: Get ready to try some new tricks with the ...


Nintendo to Give Away Shiny Rayquaza for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Starting from August 12 until September 14th, the Nintendo Network is giving away a free Shiny Rayquaza to owners of Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire on the Nintendo 3DS. While the free shiny Pokemon is already a great deal in and of itself, Nintendo is sweetening the whole deal even further as they claim that the giveaway Pokemon already knows the Dragon Ascent move, which will allow ... now has 31 pages of news and games!12345Last Page »

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