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4Kids CEO Al Kahn grabs Bernie Madoff’s apartment – Penthouse, I choose you!

4Kids CEO Al Kahn grabs Bernie Madoff's apartment - Penthouse, I choose you!

Does the name “Bernie Madoff” ring a bell? He’s not exactly on every cartoon fan’s mind, so we’d understand if not. As a quick sum up, he’s the guy in all the trouble lately because he ran illegal “Ponzi schemes”, stealing millions of dollars from unsuspecting folks. To retrieve some of that money, the government has been auctioning off his belongings, including his luxury penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side of NYC’s Manhattan. Here’s the toon connection: the new owner is none other than the CEO of 4Kids Al Kahn. That explains the sudden influx of “bad dubs, new duds” emails we’ve been getting lately! The New York Post reports the head of 4Kids Entertainment, the man behind Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cabbage Patch Kids and more, bought the 4,000 square foot home for about $8 million dollars.

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