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Two New Apps will Allow Pokemon Transfers from DS Black and White to X and Y


Nintendo has recently announced that gamers will soon be able to transfer any Generation V (Pokemon Black and White) Pokemon into the upcoming Nintendo 3DS series Pokemon X and Y, because this coming December 27, a couple of new apps called Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter will be released for free on the 3DS eShop.

The Pokemon Bank will allow Pokemon X and Y and Black and White owners to access the game’s save data and then upload their captured Pokemon to a cloud-based storage system via the Internet. The bank will allow for up to 3 thousand Pokemon over 100 boxes, and can be accessed any time.

Note that Pokemon Bank is free to download, but usage is subscription based. Users who download and set it up before February 1 will enjoy a 30 day free trial of the service, expiration of which will require sign up and a fee of $4.99 per year.

The Poke Transporter is also free to download, but will only work if used in conjunction with the Pokemon Bank. It is the app that serves as a means to transfer Pokemon from the old DS games to X and Y, but it should be noted that transfer is only one way – once you migrate your Pokemon to X and Y, there is no way to undo the changes (this is mainly due to the fact that the new games were built with the apps in mind and were able to support them fully, but Black and White were both made before the apps were even conceptualized, hence lacking support for two way transfers.)

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