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Australian Ratings Board Reveals New Pokemon Rumble Game

The Australian Classification Board recently started listing a new multi-platform game on their website titled “Pokemon Rumble World.” The game is rated PG for “mild violence, online interactivity,” and lists the publisher as Nintendo Co., Ltd.

While Nintendo has not yet announced any new additions to their Pokemon Rumble franchise, the listing is pretty telling and points to an upcoming new game, as opposed to reveals from companies registering domain names or trademarks, which is commonly done even if the games fail to materialize. A ratings classification, on the other hand, points to a more tangible status of a project.

For the uninitiated, the Pokemon Rumble franchise is a spin-off of Nintendo’s Pokemon games, which takes the Pokemon and drops them in a more action-oriented (it’s a brawler) game. The Pokemon Rumble franchise started out as a WiiWare release in 2009, followed by a full game on the 3DS in 2011 and another one on the Wii U in 2013.


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