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Big Things to Come from Pokemon This January 8th

Big Things to Come from Pokemon This January 8th

The way things usually go with Pokemon news is that Japan usually gets the news first. followed by North America, especially when it comes to big franchise-shaking news. However, this time around Nintendo seems to be building up excitement for a big Pokemon-related news for both regions this coming Tuesday, January 8th.

The announcement came via the official Pokemon Tweeter account, which asks Pokemon fans to mark their calendars and “check on January 8th for some big news”

That single tweet is all we can go on, so it’s nothing but the company hyping their own game at this point. Pokemon Black/White 2 has just come out recently, so it would be highly unlikely that they’ll announce a new generation of Pokemon on the 3DS, as that will only kill interest on the still-lucrative Black/White 2. Maybe a new Pokemon title on the Wii U? Or how about that previous announcement where GameFreak stated plans to “evolve” the franchise?

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