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Keldeo Pokemon Offered by Gamestop as Exclusive DL on Aug 27

Keldeo Pokemon Offered by Gamestop as Exclusive DL on Aug 27

Keldeo is not a new Pokemon by any means, since it was already introduced as a legendary Pokemon in the film Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo. But as far as in-game goes, people have yet to see it in action. At least, until August 27, since Gamestop will be offering the Colt Pokemon as an exclusive download on their stores.

Keldeo is compatible with Pokemon White and Black, and while they went through the trouble of making a silhouette and even scheduled an official unveiling on August 20, those of us who are familiar with the film already know which mystery Pokemon it’s supposed to be.

Gamestop’s exclusive offer will run from August 27 up to October 6. So you better start camping out in the premises if you want Keldeo to be part of you crack team of Legendaries (not that you’d need to, since there’s no way a digital download is going to run out. Just be there on the specified dates.)


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