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Kirby and Pokemon titles head to Nintendo Wii

Kirby and Pokemon titles head to Nintendo Wii

Kirby and Pokemon titles head to Nintendo Wii

Despite all the hubbub about the hot new Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo still knows there’s a loyal following for the beloved Nintendo Wii. Thus, the venerable video game company is happy to oblige with Wii-related news and games, laying out a schedule for the rest of 2011, and making special note of a Kirby title set to hit before year’s end. Kirby, star of the animated “Right Back At Ya” series (known in Japan as Kirby of the Stars) already had an amazingly popular Wii title hit just before year’s end, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, but we wont say ‘nothin if you wont! As for the Pokemon title, details are still shrouded in mystery. Could a true Pokemon title finally be heading to a non hand held console? Will just have to wait and catch them all!

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