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A New Dusk Form of Lycanroc Will Be Introduced in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will be making their grand debut on the Nintendo 3DS this coming November 17, and they will be bringing a number of surprises for players who want more than just a re-release—the first one of which was revealed recently on the official Pokemon Website: a new Dusk Form for Lycanroc.

This new dusk form Lycanroc has a different color scheme from his midday and midnight form, and to be frank, this new Dusk Form makes the “lycan” part of his name look more apt, as the darker color scheme makes the Pokemon look more in line with people’s mental image of a werewolf.

As for how you can get a hold of the Dusk Form Lycanroc, The Pokemon Company has not revealed yet although it would be safe to assume that it won’t be as easy as just running across it on the first patch of grassland you encounter.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon | Lycanroc Dusk… by pKjd

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