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Meowth Promotes Upcoming Pokemon X and Y Card Game

meowth promotes pokemon xy card game

Meowth might not be as popular as Pikachu or the other 3 starters from his time, but he’s got a solid fanbase that can’t help but fall in love with the mischievous, opportunistic pokemon. The Pokemon Company knows it, which is probably why they gave Meowth his own chance to shine, via a short video that promotes the Japanese Pokemon XY card game, which is scheduled for release next month.

Just a warning: if you’re only familiar with the English dub of Pokemon, Inuko Inuyama’s voice may sound a little bit uncomfortable due to the big difference. But hey, they’re the original so you have to get with the program, and Meowth is Meowth, right? Also: it’s a puppet, and puppets are always kewl.

You can check out the videos below:

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