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Nintendo eShop Offers Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies

Nintendo eShop Offers Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies

Nintendo has recently started offering episodes of the fifteenth overall season of the Pokemon anime franchise, titled Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies. Currently, ten episodes have been uploaded to the Nintendo eShop, with plans to add five episodes per week until December 26.

Pokemon: BW Rival Destinies is the second series in the Best Wishes! Series and features one of the most popular protagonists in the series, Ash Ketchum, his Pikachu and his new friends Iris and Cilan. The series takes them on a journey from Nimbasa City all the way through the Unova region. The series will also pit Ash with rival Clay.

The schedule for the release of each episode batch is Thursday, and all episodes that have been released will be made available on the eShop until January 4, 2014 so you should catch up now if you’ve missed it the first time around. The full schedule:

Episodes 1-10: Available 11/28 – 1/4
Episodes 11-15: Available 12/5 – 1/4
Episodes 16-20: Available 12/12 – 1/4
Episodes 21-25: Available 12/19 – 1/4
Episodes 26-30: Available 12/26 – 1/4

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