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Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension Electronic Light n’ Sound Pokeball

Now you can star in Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension! Seems like everyone wants in on the new Pokemon title, Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Battle Dimension. This new Electronic Light n’ Sound Pokeball sounds pretty cool.  According to ToyWiz, “You can catch over 150 Pokemon with this radical electronic Pokeball! Track, Catch & Collect all your favorite Pokemon while ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Bonsly

Here’s another Pokemon from SSBB, Bonsly. When it’s thrown into someone, it really hurts.Try throwing this one using a smash attack. It looks as if it is always crying. It is actually adjusting its body’s fluid levels by eliminating excess More Pokemon from Nintendo Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl after the break! ...


Naruto all over the world!

You like Naruto.  I like Naruto.  Seems like everyone likes Naruto!  But is that just your friends?  Or Local groups?  No!  According to some recent studies and reports from TV Tokyo Corporation, the Naruto series is popular all over the world!  The manga is published in 23 countries, the series is shown in 60 countries, and toys and posters and other products can be purchased (and ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Electrode

Electrode is another Pokemon from Nintendo Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl game.  It causes a massive bang after a certain time. Occasionally it fails to detonate.  You can test your nerve by holding onto it until the very last second and then throwing it right before it detonates.  It is known to drift on winds if it is bloated to bursting with stored electricity. More Pokemon from ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Weavile

Weavile, one of the elite Pokemon from SSBB.  It moves quickly and dazes the opponent.  The damage deals only 1%–still, this is one powerful Pokémon.  They live in cold regions, forming groups of four or five that hunt prey with impressive coordination. More Pokemon from Nintendo Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl after the break! ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Chikorita

Chikorita shoots razor-sharp leaves sideways in a straight line.  This is a little different from what Ivysaur does.  It uses the leaf on its head to determine the temperature and humidity.  It loves to sunbathe.  Hopefully, Chikorita wont be sunbathing when you call for his help in SSBB! More Pokemon from Nintendo Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl after the break! ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Staryu

Staryu hails from  SSBB.  There, you can use its efforts to home in on your foe and quickly fire star-shaped projectiles.  Enemies will try to flee by moving up or down. Sabotage their efforts and let Staryu blast them.  If its body is torn, it can grow back if the red core remains.  The core flashes at midnight. More Pokemon from Nintendo Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl after the ...


Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension to Jetix

Jetix Europe is gonna be rocking some Pokemon this season! Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension, the 11th Pokemon series, will premier on UK’s Jetix for the first time ever. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension takes the Pokemon anime into it’s eleventh season, and the second season of the Diamond & Pearl series. Ash continues gathering badges in Sinnoh ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Gulpin

Gulpin swallows up opponents to incapacitate them.  Get it?  GULP-in?  Heh.  …ahem… It can also deal damage to the engulfed enemy.  Almost all its body is its stomach.  Its harsh digestive juices quickly dissolve anything it swallows.  All this, and he gets to star in a video game! More Pokemon from Nintendo Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl after the break! ...


Nintendo DS Limited Edition Pokemon Pack

On Sunday, August 17th, video game stores will be selling the Nintendo DS Limited Edition Pokemon Pack.  Inside the super pack will be a Pokemon-themed DS Lite, which sports some cool images of characters from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games.  The pack also includes a Pokemon poster, a Pokemon carryign case, and an unreleased animated episode, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time ...


Pokemon in SSBB – Pokémon Trainer

Now this guy isn’t exactly a Pokemon, but he is a Pokemon trainer.  And because he’s got the word “Pokemon” in his title, I thought that was good enough to make our list! (Come on, you gotta agree with me!!)  Plus, he’s certainly… f ASH ionable, no? 🙂 Anyway, the Pokémon Trainer has finally arrived. And it looks like he doesn’t do his fighting ... now has 33 pages of news and games!« First Page2930313233

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